These Disney Animals As Humans Are ON POINT!

These Disney Animals As Humans Are ON POINT!

Disney fans rejoice. An artist has transformed your favourite animal characters into people.

So we might technically be grown women (and men), but let’s be honest, regardless of how many candles we have on our birthday cakes these days, we’re always going to revert to an excitable screaming child every time Disney is concerned; especially now. Artist s0alaina has transformed Disney’s much loved animal characters into humans!

Ever wondered what Lady and the Tramp would look like in real life? What about if Simba and Nala were people? Well, you're in for a treat. Feast your eyes on these absolutely fantastic illustrations that are currently capturing the hearts and minds of pretty much the entire Internet. Or at least the online team at InStyle. We think it’s fair to saw s0alaina’s interpretations are completely mesmerizing. Both believable and lovable, we’re convinced you’ll be just as delighted with the results as we were.

Ohh…and we apologies in advanced for putting Can You Feel The Love Tonight into your head. It’s been stuck in ours for hours.

See all of s0alaina’s transformations below…


The Lion King

The Aristocats

Lady and the Tramp

Oliver & Company



The Jungle Book

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