The X Factor beats Strictly Come Dancing in TV ratings battle

The X Factor beats Strictly Come Dancing in TV ratings battle

With the first two episodes of Strictly Come Dancing aired this weekend, it was the moment of truth to see whether Strictly could beat ITV’s X Factor in the TV ratings war.

From the moment that the BBC announced that this year's Strictly Come Dancing was scheduled to clash with The X Factor, it was an instant set-up for a TV ratings showdown.

This weekend saw the first two episodes of Strictly Come Dancing, with the first episode on Friday night, and the second on Saturday - at the same time as the X-Factor!


Even Simon Cowell himself waded into the Strictly v X Factor debate, announcing that since his mother, Julie, is a huge fan of both shows, he would do his best to convince ITV to move the show.

But he'll surely be pleased to know that The X Factor emerged triumphant, with a peak audience of 10.7 million viewers, 2 million more than Strictly's peak of 8.7 million.

Ratings aside, we can announce that BOTH shows were a huge success. We loved Alesha in her new role as a Strictly judge...Plus we still got to see Arlene on the post-Strictly show, It Takes Two.

Martina Hingis was the first person to be voted off the show, but Jade Johnson definitely caught our eye with her impressive display of the splits as the finale to her dance routine! We can't wait to see the rest of the celebs dance next week, especially Jo Wood and Natalie Cassidy.

The X Factor also had its share of excitement, with Cheryl herself getting up on stage to support one hopeful as she auditioned singing a Girls Aloud song.

The judge looked gorgeous in a high-necked green outfit from Sienna Miller's Twenty8Twelve range.

Phew, what with Strictly on a Friday, X Factor on a Saturday and then catching up with Strictly on iPlayer on Sunday, we don't know how we'll have time to do anything but watch TV at the weekends!

By Camilla Swift


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