While the long awaited third installment of the much-loved Bridget Jones series is currently being filmed in London, Renee Zellweger has remained quiet over her return to the infamous role. Until now. Finally breaking her silence, the American actress has opened up about how she feels playing the much-loved eccentric Brit once more.

Speaking to E! Renee admitted that although she never thought filming a Bridget Jones 3 would be a possibility she was “Really glad to be doing it”. “It’s really a nice reunion with old friends,” the actress explained “It’s always wonderful to be back in London and I love this character so it’s been a real treat to revisit it again.” 

Fourteen years have passed since the release of Bridget Jones’s Diary in 2001, shortly followed by Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason in 2004. However, contrary to previous installments, the third movie won’t be the same as the corresponding book Bridget Jones: Mad about The Boy. (Meaning Mark Darcy fans can breath a sigh of relief)

The ever-charming Colin Firth will be returning to play Bridget’s husband (hooray!), however much to the disappointment of many, Hugh Grant, aka love rat Daniel Cleaver, will sadly not be joining the crew. In his place however is Grey’s Anatomy heart throb Patrick Dempsey who’s role remains a mystery. And you thought the original love triangle was steamy!

As for the plot, all that has been revealed is that a 40-something Bridget suddenly finds herself pregnant, however the identity of the baby’s father remains unknown. Exciting stuff.

So besides a little flustered parenting and generally clumsy English eccentricities, what else have we got to look forward to? While we’ll have to wait until September 16th next year to watch the movie, here's a run down what we can expect to see...

1. Occasional ohh-so-cute sentences that don’t really make much sense:

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2. Inappropriate outbursts at inopportune moments: