The Theory Of Everything: 5 Reasons You MUST See This Film

The Theory Of Everything: 5 Reasons You MUST See This Film

The new Stephen Hawking biopic is generating major awards buzz and is set to make mega-stars of its two leads, Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne. Here's why you need to see it.


Eddie Redmayne is totally extraordinary as Stephen Hawking
It's the sort of role even the most seasoned film actors might find daunting, but Redmayne tackles it with incredible skill and sensitivity. The film is based on the memoirs of Hawking's ex-wife Jane Wilde and tracks the physicist's devastating MND diagnosis (while he was still at Cambridge) and marriage to Jane. You will be transfixed from start to finish.


It's also a pretty huge moment for Felicity Jones
This is very much a two-man show, with Redmayne's intensity on screen more than matched by Jones, who is quietly absorbing as his stoic wife Jane. We predict the role will do for Felicity what An Education did for Carey Mulligan. If she's not a household name yet she will be by March.


Warning: you will cry. A lot.
We don't mean a token tear or two in the final scene. For this writer and a fellow InStyle staffer the waterworks began from about ten minutes in. Wear a lot of waterproof mascara, bring a lot of tissues and don't rush anywhere straight after - you'll need a little time to gather your wits or you'll still be blubbing on the tube like we were.


Both Redmayne and Jones are generating massive awards buzz
These two are going to be working that red carpet HARD in the next couple of months. Both have Best Actor and Actress Golden Globe, SAG and Critics' Choice nominations, so it's worth seeing what all the fuss is about. Their current nominations are usually a strong indicator that they'll make the Oscar shortlist too. Even if they don't come away with awards - the Best Actor category in particular is a seriously tight race - getting a nod from the Academy is a pretty major coup.


Hawking himself loved the film
You know you've nailed a biopic when its subject comes to the premiere. Hawking is said to have shed a tear when he first watched it and both he and his ex-wife met with Redmayne and Jones during filming. Also, kudos to Redmayne for keeping his composure when the man he was playing turned up on set to watch him in action.


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By Lucy Pavia / @lucypavia

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