The Sex Selfie Stick Is A Thing Now. Sorry...

The Sex Selfie Stick Is A Thing Now. Sorry...
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It was only a matter of time, right?

Ladies, give a warm welcome to the latest innovation in the selfie industry: the sex selfie stick. Well, let's be honest, it was only a matter of time.

But before you read any further, let us tell you something right now: it's even less sexier than it sounds.

If you thought this might be just a slightly more hi-tech version of rigging up a video camera to record yourselves in the moment, you can think again.

Combining an endoscopic camera with a vibrator (so far, so sexy), the Savkom Gaga Camera Vibrator (Lady Gaga must be pleased) is a one-person affair, designed to go inside your vagina so you can see exactly what goes on down there - right down to every minute muscle spasm - during orgasm. In HD, no less.

And if you want to share the livestream with those you're close to (or not so close to) in your life, then you're in luck! Thanks to the FaceTime functionality, you can let others in on the action, as it were.

'Sharing the view with your lover couldn't be easier - whether you’re sat right next to each other or miles apart,' said a representative from the stick's distributor, Lovehoney. So, next time there's nothing on telly...

But the weirdest bit about this whole thing? That Lovehoney's Australian store is currently out of stock. If you want to get your hands on the Savkom Gaga, you might be in for a wait.

In the meantime, hopefully this video will answer any further questions you may have...

You're welcome.

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