What's Really In Queen Elizabeth’s Handbag? We Have Some Suggestions...

What's Really In Queen Elizabeth’s Handbag? We Have Some Suggestions...

The Queen’s handbag has always been a mystery…

The Queen’s style is always on point – we’re so used to seeing Her Royal Highness in a colour-blocked suit (in a bright shade), a matching hat and some chic white gloves, but there’s one thing we’ve always wondered… what exactly is in the Queen’s handbag?!

The monarch is almost never seen without her trusty bag, which is a classic black Launer number, but we can’t imagine she carries around the same tangle of receipts, headphones and loose change that we do (does the queen even need money?!) – she’s far too elegant for that.

Even great-grandchild Mia Tindall couldn’t resist grabbing the £1,000 bag in the Queen’s 90th birthday portrait, and by her posture, it looks a little bit too heavy for the 2-year-old - so what’s inside?!

While nobody will ever truly know what’s in Elizabeth’s handbag except for Liz herself (it is rumoured she carries a portable hook around), we have some ideas:

  • 50p to use as ID
  • A packet of posh tissues
  • A dog lead for the corgis
  • Dog treats (again, for the corgis)
  • Scented dog mess bags (the Queen does not do smell)
  • Mints
  • Snacks, for when royal engagements drag on
  • A red button to save the country, if necessary
  • An old-school mobile phone, to call William
  • James Bond’s number (she did share a helicopter with him)
  • Lipstick and a compact mirror
  • Some face powder
  • Spare gloves in case they get dirty
  • Spare tights, because a laddered monarch is not chic
  • Treats for Prince George and Charlotte
  • Reading glasses
  • A fancy pen (not the blue one you steal from Barclays)
  • A keyring featuring her own face (bought for 99p)
  • The keys to Buckingham Palace (attached to aforementioned keyring)
  • A piece of wedding cake from Kate and Will’s wedding
  • Pictures of her great-grandchildren
  • A dummy for when they start crying


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