The Prince George Effect: HRH Sparks A Fashion Frenzy, Just Like His Mother

The Prince George Effect: HRH Sparks A Fashion Frenzy, Just Like His Mother

Kate Middleton's son Prince George has singlehandedly brought this brand back into the fashion spotlight after sporting some of its merch at the polo...

We don't need to remind you that anything that Kate Middleton wears instantly turns to sold. Whether it's her blue Issa engagement dress or the casual Zara dress she wore in her downtime, you can guarantee that she soon as the designers of her latest look are revealed, the item will instantly sell out. And it seems the affectionately dubbed 'Kate Effect' is hereditary. 

Last week we poured over these adorable snaps of the Duchess of Cambridge and her young son Prince George as they watched his father Prince William do his thing in the Polo, and although they left newborn Princess Charlotte at home, they still had all the fun. 

Dressed in a super cute royal blue cardigan, a crisp white shirt and navy shorts, the tot certainly kept Kate on her feet as her ran around and caused mischief that only a soon-to-be two-year-old knows how. So, it makes sense that he was sporting a pair of comfy shoes for his day out. 

Wearing a pair of iconic Crocs kiddie shoes, the young royal was able top whip about without a care in the world. However, like his mother, his sartorial choices haven't gone unnoticed by the rest of us, and Crocs are certainly reaping the benefits.

Yesterday retail giant Amazon revealed that since the adorable Prince wore his Crocs Crocband unisex clogs for his day out, it has seen a colossal 1500% rise in sales of the kids Crocs range. 

Speaking of the spike in sales, Amazon's head of shoes said, 'Once again, Prince George proves there’s no age limit on being a fashion icon. We’ve seen a 16-fold increase in sales of kids Crocbands at since the photo of him wearing a pair was released.' 

Of course, this isn't the first time the tot has boosted sales for retailers — his swaddling blanket sold out within in hours after his debut outside of St. Mary's hospital in London; and it did so once again when his sister Charlotte made her debut to the world on the 5th of May. 

There's no denying it — we can't get enough of this young family. And neither can the stores, apparently. We're poised, as ever, to see what they wear (and sell out) next.

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