The Picture That Proves Just How Alike Kendall And Cara Delevingne Really Are

We knew they were close, but we didn't realise just how similar they looked…

I knew we were sisters @caradelevingne #CaKe

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Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne walk the same catwalks, go to the same parties, have the same friends and, it appears, they have pretty much the same face too.

We've never thought the two pals looked particularly alike, save for both being leggy models with good bone structure. Kendall's brunette for one, and Cara's fair. Kendall's got a rosebud mouth, Cara's not so much. And their eyes seem totally different too, not to mention the eyebrows...

But a picture both girls posted to their Instagram accounts tells a different story. Spliced together, each side of their faces fits almost perfectly to the other creating a Cara/Kendall hybrid which as a whole looks simultaneously a lot like both of them - with a leaning towards Kendall.

Beauty is symmetry, as they say, so perhaps it's merely proof that the two were destined to be models with their pleasingly symmetrical faces.

Or maybe, as the girls point out themselves, they're sisters after all…

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