The New Hunger Games Trailer: 6 Things We Want To Talk About

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The final Hunger Games trailer is here and it's a right doozie. Here's what we made of it...

The first trailer for the final Hunger Games installment (Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2) has arrived and it's as tense, explody and fraught as you might expect.

You'll remember how the previous film ended on a bit of a depressing cliffhanger, with Katniss pretty unhappy about the whole Peeta kidnapping, brainwashing and attempted murder thing. Now she's planning to take down the Capitol one lethal arrow-shot at a time. And obviously we're right behind her.

We've got until 22nd November until the actual film drops in cinemas (that's half a year away - way to keep us hanging, Lionsgate) so in the meantime, here what we can pick up from the trailer...

1) "There's a wedding! How lovely!"

A little romantic relief in all that revolutionary war and bloodshed comes from the wedding of Finnick (dishy Sam Claflin) and Annie (Stef Dawson) in what appears to be a giant underground bunker in District 13. Thankfully they've softened all that grey industrial chic with some greenery, and though we didn't get a good look at the dress Annie appears to be wearing a lovely vintage veil. 

2) "Look, it's Remy from House of Cards!"

He was in the last one too apparently. Why did we not notice this? Hopefully he can solve this whole thing with some political spin. 

3) "And look there's Brienne of Tarth!"

A new addition to the cast which will make Game of Thrones fans very happy, Gwendoline Christie stars as Commander Lyme, a previous District 2 Victor who (in the books at least) was a mentor to Cato and Clove who met a pretty bloody end in the first film. We're not 100% sure whose side she's on but she looks pretty angry and also appears to be wearing an excellent fur-trimmed jacket. 

4) "No-one pulls off an apocalyptic catsuit and sidebraid better than Jennifer Lawrence"

In what looks very much like a final showdown, Katniss is seen marching through the Capitol square with a "I'm-about-to-kick-some-serious-ass" face on. YES Katniss.

5) "Are they running away from a river of boiling lead?"

How very medieval. 

6) "Effie's got her wardrobe mojo back"

...with this fringed number: vintage Alexander McQueen meets the Andrex dog. Makes a nice change from all that black and grey...

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