The new Harrods Pet Spa has arrived

The new Harrods Pet Spa has arrived

With Harrods sleek new pet spa you can treat your pet to a pampering make-over in time for Christmas

There's no denying that a handbag dog or pretty kitty is the ultimate accessory for A-listers - Rachel Bilson loves taking her dog Penny Lane for a stroll - but we're pretty sure that Hollywood's finest wouldn't step out with their four-legged friends without ensuring they look suitably sleek first, and thanks to Harrods Pet Spa we can follow suit.

Now open on Harrods fourth floor, the spa is the ultimate destination for VIPs (very important pets) offering everything from 'pawdicures' for dogs to vanilla facials for cats. And, it's not all about beatifying, the spa even offers canine counselling to ensure your dog is a dutiful partner for struts in the park.

Now there's no excuse for your kanine or kitty to look anything but fabulous!

Treatments start from £59.95. Call 020 3036 6222 to book

By Hayley Spencer

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