We were one of the lucky ones to get a sneaky peak of Bob, Kevin and Stuart in the new Minions film last night. Here’s a few reasons why it’s a total must-see.

Reigniting our love of all things yellow, (or Bello Yellow if you’re looking for the perfect colour match), the Minions film isn’t just completely brilliant, it’s also making us crave a bit of yellow in our wardrobes. Our own Fashion Features Editor Hannah Rochell is ahead of the Bello Yellow curve, having worn it on an almost daily basis for the last 6 months (our resident Fashion Minion) and we’re guessing we’ll be seeing a lot of it on the catwalks this autumn too.

The film took us back to the beginnings of the Minion and their quest to find their next evil master and save Minionkind (a minion is not happy unless he serves the biggest and most despicable villain in the world)

Here’s our top five reasons to go and see the Minions:

1.To see a young and newly evil Gru (who could actually be described as cute!)

2. That it is set in 60’s London (according to Americans – fire hydrants?) with the British public being impeccably polite and constantly drinking tea.

3. To meet the worlds biggest super villain in the form of Sandra Bullock.

4. To see the Queen in her local pub downing a pint.

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5. The soundtrack. Film set in 1968 so there is a lot of 60’s music. From Hendrix to the Beatles to Donavan ‘Mellow Yellow'.