The ‘Mean Girls’ Mansion Is Up For Sale And It Is MEGA

The ‘Mean Girls’ Mansion Is Up For Sale And It Is MEGA

Regina George’s not so casual home is up for sale and we want it something awful. Keen to loan us a few million? ANYONE?

We’d definitely go as far as saying that Mean Girls is the film that defined the people who we are today. No, we’re serious — it taught us so many things and has provided us and our BFFs with countless inside jokes in the last 11 years since it was released. If that doesn’t make you feel old, nothing will.

Having also spent the best part of that time secretly wishing we could trade lives with the film’s frenemy Regina George, you can imagine how excited we were to learn that her actual real-life mansion has come on the market! And yes, it’s ruddy gorgeous inside.

However, you shouldn’t pack your pink suitcases just yet as the Toronto mansion will set you back a very cool $14.8 MIL. A whopping £7,720,000. In other words? More ‘0’s’ than we’ll ever see in our lifetime. Sob. But that hasn’t stopped us taking a sneak peek inside…

While the exterior of the pad hasn’t aged a day since Regina cruised up to it in her silver Lexus back in 2004, it looks like the scenes in the interior were shot on-set elsewhere. However, it’s easy to see how it inspired the likes of Regina’s bedroom, the living room where her younger sister got jiggy to Kelis’ Milkshake and the kitchen that her cool mom cooked up some ‘happy hour’ bevvys.

Boasting six bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, an entrance hall complete with a chandelier that has more sparkle than the engagement ring case at Tiffany’s, a billiards room, den, an in-house gym, lavish outdoor pool, a hot tub, a library, spa, tennis courts, wine cellar, walk-in wardrobes (PLURAL), countless living rooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a LIFT, we could definitely waste some time here…

Check out the rest of the mammoth pad below:

The grand hallway

The back garden pool

The achingly cool living room 

The INSANE walk-in wardrobe

How it is that we’re all grown up and we’re still jealous of a totally fictional, b*tch of a character?! Some things will never change...

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