The Dress

The Dress that launched a million Tweets


At some point yesterday, while we were busy eating our dinner or peacefully sleeping, the Internet suddenly exploded over this humble picture of a simple lace dress. Why? Because nobody can decide what colour it is.

It's a question that has divided the Internet in a way never seen before and caused a lot of self-questioning and mental distress in the InStyle office of a Friday morning. And a several thousand people to book appointments with their optician.

You might be looking at it thinking 'what's the big deal? It's clearly blue and black', right? But IS it? Ask the person next to you – yep they think it's white and gold, don't they?

Now go back to the picture – has it changed colour in front of your eyes? It did that to us too.

And what about blue and gold? Why is NO-ONE talking about that option?

The picture, which was uploaded to Tumblr by friends when they started 'freaking out' because they couldn't agree what colour it is (thanks, guys), has spread across social media faster than a naked picture of Kim Kardashian. In fact, Kim herself waded into the debate with this tweet:


And she's not the only A-lister dumbfounded by the dress, which now has its own hashtag on Twitter #TheDress (just in case you want to torment yourself some more).

It was probably Taylor Swift who best summed up how we all feel about The Dress, when she tweeted she felt 'confused and scared' by it.

If you're team white and gold, then you'll be pleased with Anna Kendrick's contribution: 

Don't worry, you're not losing your mind or gone colour blind overnight – it's all about the poor lighting and the way our brains interpret colour differently.

In reality, the dress is royal blue and black. So that basically means that if you're seeing it white, you're wrong. Sorry.

Now, let's just forget about this whole sorry business. Or in the words of Ariana Grande...