You Won't BELIEVE This Anne Hathaway Fashion Transformation

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Anna Hathaway + fashion = The Devil Wears Prada, right? Not this time - in her new film 'The Intern', Anne's the boss, and her wardrobe proves it

Anne Hathaway will forever and always be most famous (well, to us anyway) for her role as Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. But when we heard rumours she was set to star in another fashion film as an unlikely intern, we got a strange sense of deja vu. There's just one thing, though...Anne's not the intern anymore. She's the boss.

In her latest film The Intern, Anne runs a fashion tech company with a staff of at least 100, cycling through the office to make her meetings on time. Her intern? 70-year-old Robert De Niro. Trust us, you're going to want to see this film for it all to make sense. Coming out next Friday (October 2nd), we've so far only been teased with a trailer and some behind-the-scenes snaps. We've got to say, we're loving Anne's transition from 'no sense of style' ("no no, that wasn't a question") to trendy tech entrepeneur.  

With a definite focus on the preppy, Anne's character clearly favours classic styles rather than fashion forward looks. But that's fine by us. We're totally coveting her wide-legged trousers with buttoned up polka dot blouse, and love this casual cream cable knit. Yep, she is cycling in heels. 

Then there's this bold A-line shift in red that we could really do with having in our autumn wardrobe. We love the mid-length hair too, props for the pixie cut but the simplicity and glossiness of this long bob has us stepping away from the scissors. 

Check out those Breton stripes, very chic. Is Anne trying to bring back the subtle belt? These outfits are much more like the Annie Hathaway we know and love; chic, classic and understated, and not afraid of a bright colour every now and again.

The Intern is out Friday October 2nd. 

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