Someone Replaced Peeta With Pitta Bread In The Hunger Games, And It's Hilarious

Someone Replaced Peeta With Pitta Bread In The Hunger Games, And It's Hilarious

Jennifer Lawrence has a new food crush, and it turns out she's been dropping hints in ALL of The Hunger Games films. Watch the hilarious video here

Jennifer Lawrence has made no secret about how much she loves food; remember that time she fan girled over cake balls, or told us all about her enduring love of pizza? We’ll forever love that moment on the red-carpet where she listed many, many things that taste better than skinny feels…sorry, Kate Moss, but Jennifer Lawrence is a girl after our own stomachs (so much so, we've rounded up Jennifer Lawrence's funny moments in GIFs).

Now, a new video has revealed J-Law’s latest food crush, and we seriously should have seen it coming. Watch the video below to find out why.

Yep, it’s the humble but delicious pitta bread. That halloumi holding falafel blanket has clearly stolen Jennifer’s heart – and made us hungry. We want to say thank you to the internet genius who brought this to our attention, effectively wiping J-Law’s Hunger Games partner Peeta Mellark out of the film series and replacing him with the Middle Eastern bread.

In the ridiculously hilarious video, Katniss calls out Peeta’s name 26 times; sometimes with love, sometimes with (h)anger. Somehow, replacing her brainwashed beau (you seriously need to see Mockingjay 2…) with a tasty pitta treat just works. Houmous, anyone?

We’ve got just one question though – is Katniss lusting after the same wheaty treat in every single shot? That lettuce isn’t going to last longer than a couple of days before it makes the bread go soggy (THE WORST), and with no fridge in sight that pitta will be mouldy before the Games are over. Katniss, we can give you some suggestions on packed lunches if you’re in need. 

We’re not sure if J-Law has seen this mash-up, but we bet she’d love it. We’ll always remember the time she called eating her “favourite part of the day” (same here), and to be honest, we’d take a salad filled pitta over a love interest who wants to kill us anyday.

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