The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Premiere: 5 Secrets We Learnt

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Premiere: 5 Secrets We Learnt

What really happens at the biggest premiere of the year? InStyle's fabulous Deputy Editor Emily Dean found out...

1. The director Francis Lawrence is seriously hardcore when it comes to smart phones. Basically none are allowed into any of the Hunger Games premieres in case of illegal recordings. manage to get your hot little hands on one of these – for celebrities and their agents mainly. Oh and er us. Don't ask us how our Deputy Editor managed to get hold of one – she'd definitely have to kill you, Hunger Games style. 

2. The party space was..HUGE. Like a giant white aircraft hangar (actually the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London's Fitzrovia transformed for the night) and there was a sort of VIP area but it was DEAD easy to saunter into. We spotted Donald Sutherland happy to have found a seat, Stanley Tucci charming the pants off everyone and Elizabeth Banks settling in for a chat with a pal. 
3. Two frocks are the new black..J Law switched from quilted white Dior on the red carpet to plunging Mugler by David Koma gown for the post-party, Elizabeth Banks went from the floatiest Ellie Saab confection ever to a pink metallic Monique L'Huiller outfit. Even Josh Hutchersen traded in his Ralph Lauren blue suit for a biker jacket and white t-shirt - tres Danny Zuko. 

4. The special themed Hunger Games Airstream passport booth was the most flattering in the WORLD. Guests posed with white roses, and arrows and everyone who waited to pick their photos up from the photo slot afterwards could be heard gasping, ' Where can I get a hundred copies of these?' 

 5. The movie is like, AMAZING. J Law is mesmerising, Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer made us all want to go out and get undercuts pronto, Julianne Moore showed that grey hair can be oddly chic, Stanley Tucci was fantastically creepy, and we cried a little bit at the brilliance of the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 

By Emily Dean/@divine_miss_em 

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