Paris Comes First + 17 Life Lessons We Learned From The Hills

Paris Comes First + 17 Life Lessons We Learned From The Hills

LC knew what was up when it came to the emotional quotes

The Hills girls went through a lot in their 6 seasons; there was heartbreak, major rifts in friendship groups, missed career opportunities (PARIS, LAUREN!) and even marriage – can you believe Speidi are still going strong?!

LC might be about to reveal that the whole show was a lie in the upcoming MTV expose – watch the teaser below - but she can never take away the incredibly important life advice we all took from The Hills.

From how (not) to walk down stairs by Whitney Port to love advice courtesy of OC bad boy Justin Bobby, The Hills was a 2000s guide to growing up cool, whether you came from Laguna Beach or Yardley Wood, so here are 18 life lessons we learnt from The Hills

1. Invest in waterproof mascara (especially if you’re planning a heart to heart)

2. NEVER choose your boyfriend over Paris

3. (Even if he does make an effort for your birthday)

4. ‘You’re a sucky person’ is an eternally excellent insult

5. Don’t sneak your friends into VIP work events

6. …but as long as you don’t get fired, it’s all OK

7. Always forgive, never forget

8. Know the difference between flowers and chocolates

9. Watch your step (especially on live TV)

10. Know what you did!

11. Don’t get with anyone who wears combat boots to the beach

12. Boys? Forget about them

13. Remember, you’re never over sensitive…

14. You can get out of any argument (even on a boat)

15. Try and spend at least 3 hours a day by a pool

16. Yep, people do actually go to work

17. If a goodbye is that good, say it twice

18. And just when you think it’s all over, remember you could end up in Made In Chelsea (oh hey Stephanie Pratt!)

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