The BAFTA Awards By Numbers (Including 12,000 Glasses Of Champagne)

The BAFTA Awards By Numbers (Including 12,000 Glasses Of Champagne)

HOW many glasses of champagne? From metres of red carpet walked to glasses of fizz drunk, here's exactly what goes into making the BAFTAs happen.

Half of Hollywood are flying into London today ahead of the BAFTAs this Sunday. Here are some essential stats about the biggest British awards ceremony of the year.

12,000 - glasses of champagne served. Pass the Alka Seltzer...

200 - number of London buses carrying posters promoting the awards

120 - length of red carpet (in metres) laid outside the Royal Opera House

6500 - BAFTA members who vote for the awards

5 - number of times Julianne Moore has been nominated for a BAFTA

4000 - the total number of staff used to make the ceremony happen

25 - number of BAFTA Awards given out

275 - number of films entered for the awards

5 - the number of days it takes to build the structure covering the red carpet outside the Royal Opera House

11 - the number of times Stephen Fry will have hosted it after this year

200 - the number of photographers taking pictures of the stars arriving

1947 - year of the very first BAFTA awards

300 - the number of red lipsticks used on the night

20 - litres of eye make-up remover used over the weekend

250 - umbrellas at the Royal Opera House to keep the stars dry in case of rain. And boy does it sometimes tip it down

2,700 - the estimated number of hair pins used to keep all those elaborate hair dos in place

8,500 - canapés eaten at the pre-awards reception (not per person)

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