Teen sensation Rebecca Black appears on The Tonight Show

Teen sensation Rebecca Black appears on The Tonight Show

Overnight success Rebecca Black talks about Youtube, Friday and Simon Cowell on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno…

If you don’t know who Rebecca Black is yet, you soon will. The 13-year-old popstrel has taken the music world by storm with her super-catchy song Friday and has become the talk of the town.

Rebecca skipped onto The Tonight Show set in polka dot shorts with a purple T-shirt tucked in and talked openly about her surprise at her rise to fame, admitting: “Oh, it’s so crazy, it’s so weird!”


But with over 33.5 million hits on YouTube, her debut song Friday has even beaten Lady Gaga’s Born This Way in viral viewing figures.

Ms Black explained that she was sent the song by Ark Music Factory and that having met the song’s producers, the next thing she knew she was in the recording studio. No audition necessary.

Although Rebecca has faced some pretty tough comments and a whole host of parodies, she admitted she’s also had some great support from the likes of American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, and Willow Smith.


And X-Factor mogul Simon Cowell has also expressed an interest in meeting Rebecca, news to which the star squeeked: “Oh my gosh, he wants to meet me! That’s so cool.”

The teen sensation was obviously excited to be on The Tonight Show tweeting before, during and after the recording, and on meeting her fellow guest she gasped: “ASDFGHJKLKIOP I JUST MET BRADLEY COOPER. OMG. I almost fainted<3”

By Sarah Smith

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