Taylor Swift Says She 'Loves Scottish People' - Here's How She Can Prove It

Taylor Swift Says She 'Loves Scottish People' - Here's How She Can Prove It

It's time to put your (weird colourful Scottish) money where your mouth is, Taylor...

Taylor Swift has told the world that she 'loves Scottish people.' The declaration could be a hint at her blossoming relationship with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, who hails from Dumfries. Or perhaps Taylor just really loves Scottish people. In between belting out tracks from her 1989 album, Taylor even revealed that she has Scottish blood by reading out an email on stage from her Dad. " Our whole family is from Scotland… so I am one of you, and I'm proud because this crowd is amazing."

But, look, anyone can SAY they love Scotland. We think she should now prove her love of all things north-of-the-border by completing this very Scottish to-do list (compiled with help from one of InStyle's resident Scots, Maxine Eggenberger) 

1) Locate and eat a deep fried Mars Bar

Anyone who has spent any time out on the smash in Scotland will have stumbled upon one of these being served up at the chippy as chocolate alternative to your traditional kebab option. Taylor has a sweet tooth so this one shouldn't be too much of a challenge. 

2) Do a full 18 holes at St Andrews 

She was swinging a golf club on stage at her Glasgow gig so it's nice to see she's getting in some practice already. Tackling the most famous - and notoriously difficult - golf course in the country that invented the sport would be the ultimate tribute. 

3) Say something bad about Donald Trump

He is not a popular man up there

4) Memorise the Scottish National Anthem (beyond the first line)

You know the one, Taylor! 'O Flower Of Scotland…. something-somethiiiing' 

5) Head out in micro shorts and a vest as soon as the temperature rises above 13 degrees C

Winters in Scotland are hard and cold, so when the sun comes out the Scots are damn well making the most of it. Taylor has plenty of micro shorts already so this shouldn't be a problem. 

6) Get annoyed when people still ask about the referendum

It's not cool to bring that up now 

7) Never ever ever ever ask a man in a kilt why he's wearing a 'skirt' 

And also appreciate how hot and manly they are

8) Locate and eat a bowl of stovies

This is a Scottish potato-based dish also featuring onions, carrots and mince. Very hearty. Yum Yum, down the trap

9) And haggis 


10) And on a hangover swap Coke for Irn Bru

The Scottish morning-after drink of choice 

11) Understand what someone means when they say 'shall we meet outside Markies?'

This is Scots slang for Marks and Spencer 

12) 'Do' the Lochs

Find Nessie - and appreciate how unbelievably gorgeous the Scottish countryside is in the process

13) Do a Whisky tour of Islay

We recommend the Islay Festival Of Music And Malt, to try of some of the best whisky in the world and maybe do a few guest tracks alongside the Whistlin' Donkeys. Who needs Glastonbury?

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