Taylor Swift Recruits Her Famous Pals For Her Most Badass Video Yet

Taylor Swift Recruits Her Famous Pals For Her Most Badass Video Yet

Another day, another starry BFF gets added to Taylor Swift's A-list heavy music video but we never expected THIS recruit to sign up...

Taylor Swift is one of (if not THE) most likable starlets ever to walk the earth thanks to her star-studded friendship group — yep, these girls are doing it for themselves and then some — her beyond amazing relationship with her fans and, at the risk of sounding like her elders, a very responsible wholesome image that makes her the perfect role model for her younger followers. 

However, it looks like the 25-year-old singer is ready to shake things up when it comes to her image and, if these teasy pics from her new music video are anything to go by, it'll be a side to her that we've never seen before. 


Meet Catastrophe. #BadBloodMusicVideo

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That's right — say goodbye to those pretty tea dresses, knee socks and loafer heels kids because Tay Tay's gone hell for leather and black lippy in her video for her latest single (the forth from her hit album 1989) Bad Blood, which already has a very badass feel to it. Unveiling the movie-like posters to her Twitter and Instagram followers yesterday, Taylor can be seen in character as Cata Strophe rocking side-slicked hair and lashings of dark eyeshadow. WOWZA. 

With the slogan 'Band-aids don't fix bullet holes' and the downright Sin City vibes the poster has, we're willing to bet that this video will blow her previous ones out of the water! If that wasn't exciting enough, Taylor confirmed that some of her A-list BFFs will be joining her in the Bad Blood ensemble by unveiling their very own 'film' posters. Can you guess who she's picked...? 


Meet Domino. @jessicaalba #BadBloodMusicVideo

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In a major turn for the books, Taylor has asked actual Sin City star Jessica Alba to join her and her starry crew in her latest video, taking on the role of Domino. We totally didn't see that one coming — did you?

However, Jessica isn't the only familiar face we can expect to see get their freak on in Taylor's new video. Last month we clocked Cara Delevingne, Zendaya and Hayley Williams all on set with Taylor, and while the entire premises was guarded with more security than The White House we DID catch a glimpse of the girls rocking seriously graphic eye make-up and super-high ponytails. **LIGHTBULB** It all makes sense now... And here they are:

Karlie Kloss as Knockout


Meet Knockout. @karliekloss #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Ellie Goulding as Destructa X


Meet Destructa X. @elliegoulding #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Lily Aldridge as Frostbyte


Meet Frostbyte. @lilyaldridge #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Zendaya as Cut Throat


Meet Cut-Throat. @Zendaya #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Hayley Williams as The Crimson Curse


Meet The Crimson Curse. @yelyahwilliams #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Gigi Hadid as Slay-Z


Meet Slay-Z. @gigihadid #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Hailee Steinfeld as The Trinity


Meet The Trinity. @haileesteinfeld #BadBloodMusicVideo

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Lena Dunham as Lucky Fiori


Meet Lucky Fiori. @lenadunham #BadBloodMusicVideo

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But wait, where's Cara? Fret not, Delevingne fans — the songstress has been unveiling the cast over the last couple of days so we're sure she'll give as a peek at CD's character soon...

The video is set to debut on May the 17th and we, for one, can't wait to see the finished film. In the meantime, instead of twiddling your thumbs, why not try out Taylor's handy and super easy tips on totally reinventing your image? Even just for a day. Lets break it down: 

  • Swap your red lipstick for a fierce black pout
  • While you're at it, go heavy on the eye make-up to boot. A badass doesn't follow the conventional beauty rules
  • Buy a leather jacket and wear it with everything you own
  • A full black wardrobe wouldn't go amiss either... 

Follow these four simple steps and you too will be Bad Blood ready in NO TIME. Nice work, Swifty. 

Get Taylor's amazing graphic eye with ease with our video masterclass in creating the perfect lined flick below...

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