Taylor Swift Is Worth HOW Much?!

Taylor Swift Is Worth HOW Much?!

Hells bells. Taylor Swift's net worth is insane...

We all know Taylor Swift has LOADS of money, but now she’s been crowned the actual highest earning celebrity.

Yes, that means more than Beyonce or Katy Perry or Lady Gaga or ALL the Kardashian folk.

We all woah-ed last year when the singer earned $80 million a year, but in the last 12 months — according to Forbes — it was more like $170! Her and Calvin — who earned $63 million — would have topped the highest-earning couple list too if it hadn't been for their split, but instead Bey and Jay-Z got that title. (CHECK out Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris's net worth when they were together.)

So, let’s break that down — she has songs and albums (minus Spotify sales, obvs), endorsements, promotional deals with Apple and Diet Coke and her 1989 World Tour (which included some very random stage cameos) — which brought in $250,000,000. Then all the extras… merch and stuff.

If you think that’s amazing, get THIS. How much is Taylor Swift actually worth? Approximately $200 million (with some estimating more like $240 million), according to Forbes. Not bad (read: intensely nauseating) for someone in their twenties…


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As much as she gets eye-rolled at sometimes, Taylor Swift is an actual phenomenon. Here's proof…

She was the youngest song-writer EVER to sign with Sony.

·      Her second album, Fearless, in 2008 became the best-selling album of 2009 in America (and won four Grammys). 

·      Fearless made her the youngest Album Of The Year winner. EVER.

·      Her third and fourth albums, Speak Now (2010) and Red (2012), sold more than one million copies in their first week (and won her another two Grammys).

·      Her fifth album, 1989 (2014), sold more copies in the first week than any album in the previous twelve years.

·      She's the first and only act to have three albums sell over one million coopies in the firs tweak.

·      She's the fifth and only female to receive the Album Of The Year Grammy twice.

·      She was the youngest woman ever to be included on Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women list, in 2015. She was at number 64.

·      She’s one fo the top five music artists with the highest digital sales worldwide.


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She’s won:

10 Grammy Awards

19 American Music Awards

11 Country Music Association Awards

8 Academy Of Country Music Awards

22 Billboard Music Awards

1 Brit Award

1 Emmy

(It’s like the Hungry Caterpillar but less fruit and vegetables, and much more awards.)


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