Taylor Swift on jury duty

Taylor in court

Taylor Swift is all of us. Yes, she might be a platinum-selling pop star with a dreamy beach-side home and six figures in her bank account, but even Taylor couldn’t avoid being called up for jury duty.

Over the weekend, Twitter went crazy over the news of their country queen doing her civic duty (complete with clip-on name badge) in her hometown of Nashville. Other jurors couldn’t quite believe their luck at landing a case with Tay, who happily took selfies with her fans. For every person who complained about having to wait around in a hot and humid court room for the next two weeks of their life, we bet Taylor’s lipstick-free face made things at least a tiny bit better.  

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If the thought of Taylor Swift debating a petty theft case with as much passion and righteousness as feminism or the wrongdoings of Kanye West had you excited, we’re sorry to disappoint. Taylor actually skipped out of court without being tied to a case, because of her still-pending sexual assault case against a DJ who allegedly fondled Taylor in 2013. As with all jury duties, we're assuming it was the judge who decided that it would be difficult for Taylor to be impartial, so she was released from duty. This is a totally normal thing to do, by the way, not some special celeb perk. 

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Jury duty could be the reason Taylor skipped the VMAs, which also happened this weekend in Manhattan. Feud partner Kanye West debuted his new music video at the show, as well as Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s This Is What You Came For taking home the prize for Best Male Video. Sure, Taylor might have wanted to avoid any awkward run-ins, but even the A-list can’t really duck out of jury duty just because they want to.

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Anyone else kind of wish they had jury duty right now?