Justin's Instagram. Calvin's Tweets. #TaylorSwiftWhatUp?!

Justin's Instagram. Calvin's Tweets. #TaylorSwiftWhatUp?!

The drama unfolded. Twitter went BONKERS...

You thought the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty was, well, over? THINK AGAIN. 

Justin Bieber has just set Twitter alight with his latest Instagram photo, which shows him Facetiming with Kanye West, and the caption 'Taylor Swift what up'. What about you, JB, what up with that caption?! Are you throwing shade? Are you actually in on the joke? Is this feud all fake? We just don't know, but we bet we're about to find out...   


Taylor swift what up

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In case you hadn't heard — people, where have you been — Calvin Harris is a bit vexed. And he only went and used Twitter to effectively throw a massive cat amongst the Swiddleston/Hiddleswift/Tayto pigeons.

Following news that Taylor Swift actually co-wrote ex BF Calvin’s smash hit This Is What You Came For under a pseudonym (burn), the jilted lover decided to respond in quite the explosive fashion, taking to Twitter to vent his irritation.

It started off friendly enough…



But then, things started to get a bit, errr...




And then, the bombshell.



Wait... what was that about Katy?




Woah. WOAH.

Yep, in a series of seven tweets, Calvin Harris caused total Twitter apocalypse and within minutes, the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty started trending, like, THE most insane trending thing ever. It seems that many, many people have been waiting for this Tay Tay take-down, and unsurprisingly, they were armed to the teeth.

Katy Perry fans (remember 'Bad Blood'... yeah, revenge is a dish best served cold, huh, KPez?), Rihanna fans, Kimye fans, in fact, anyone with a Swifty axe to grind flooded Twitter with their wishes to attend the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty. There were so, SO many hilarious examples to choose from, but here are just a few of our favourites...








And then, it just got better. Like a phoenix from the Bad Blood ashes, ex-squad member Katy Perry got involved by first tweeting:



And then, re-tweeting a message from 2015...




Ooh, snap.

The jig is apparently up for all those of the opinion that Taylor Swift isn't the wholesome cookie-cutter pop princess she appears to be. However, there are a lot of people (not necessarily Swifties) that think all of this social media skulduggery is just a well-orchestrated publicity stunt. Or (more simply) the actions of a spiteful ex.

Either way, Calvin Harris hasn't gone down quietly. He is affronted, and has actually gained a lot of respect for speaking out so candidly about 'the-one-we-don't-say-bad-things-about-because-you'll-get-taken-to-the-cleaners'. Plus, everyone loves a good Twitter spat right?

Taylor has yet to respond, and we're actually excited about how she'll take this s*** down. If there's one thing we've learned over time, is that you DO NOT MESS WITH TAYLOR SWIFT. And, you know, props to that.

Watch this space...


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