Taylor Swift Has Done Something Pretty Amazing For One Of Her Fans...

Taylor Swift Has Done Something Pretty Amazing For One Of Her Fans...

...cementing her status as the nicest girl in showbiz in the process

Taylor Swift is some girl, isn't she? While she has more awards and accolades for her achievements in music than even the most burly of mahogany display cabinets could house, she still finds time to thank the people who put her at the top — her fans. 

In the past, we've seen the 25-year-old Shake It Off singer send her die-hard followers personal gifts from her travels but THIS has to be the most lovely and generous story that has surfaced about Tay's rather amazing relationship with her 'swifties'. 

Apparently — along with a generous selection of pressies including a drawing— Taylor is said to have mailed a woman called Rebekah Bortnicker a cheque for the college student to use to pay off her hefty student loans as, you know, a casual 'thank you' for supporting her and her mind-blowing career. 

Taylor has one of her staff members fly out to personally deliver the package to 'Bex' and, needless to say, things got a little teary. After all, it's not every day your idol send you a gift-haul, is it? 

Remarkably, Bex's mum filmed the entire thing and we've got to admit, it was pretty emotional to watch. 

After composing herself for about twenty seconds, Bex proceeds read the card personally written to her by Taylor and then begins to open her parcels. First up in her box of goodies is a necklace that was previously owned by Taylor herself.

Then, as Bex opens the second present she reads out the gift tag and, to her amazement, it reveals that inside is $1989 dollars to put towards paying off her debt — of course, linking to her new album, 1989

Oh, Taylor; you're such a babe

Check out the video of Bex opening up her gifts from Taylor Swift below — it's guaranteed to make you feel that bit better about life... 

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