The Taylor Swift Fan Video That Will Totally Melt Your Heart

The Taylor Swift Fan Video That Will Totally Melt Your Heart

The singer has donated $50,000 to help pay for her cancer treatment.

Just when we thought we couldn't possibly love Taylor Swift any more, she goes and does something really amazing.

The singer has gifted a young fan battling with leukemia $50,000 to help pay for the 11-year-old's medical expenses. 

After being diagnosed with the disease in June, Naomi Oakes was left devastated after learning that a 6 to 9 month hospital stay will mean she misses out on her idol's upcoming gig in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Desperate to put a smile back on his daughter's face and get her sad story out there, Naomi's father Dan concocted a plan.

He made a video showing Naomi during a hospital visit to post online. The moving footage was accompanied by the track Bad Blood.

During the mini-movie, a nurse asks Naomi who her favourite pop star is. Her answer? Taylor, of course.

Dan goes on to reveal that Naomi was even singing along to the 25-year-old's latest tune as the duo made their way to her appointment. 

Dan then called upon other Swifties - hardcoreTaylor supporters for anyone who's not in the know - to help catch the attention of the superstar by sharing his clip, using the hashtag #TeamNaomi.

Proving that the power of social media really can be incredible, it wasn't long before Taylor caught wind of the heart-warming campaign. 

Having initially set out to raise $30,000, the family were totally stunned to see that they'd exceeded their target thanks to Taylor's incredibly generous donation.  

THIS is how Naomi reacted to learning the news.

Hope you've got some tissues handy, we have a sneaking suspicion it might make you a little teary.... 

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