7 Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories We’re Seriously Considering

7 Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories We’re Seriously Considering

Taylor Swift conspiracy theories we actually think might be true…

Taylor Swift: are you for real? Conspiracy theorists are going into overdrive after Tom’s tank-top declaration of love for Taylor, but this isn’t the first time she’s inspired some majorly crackpot theories… 

1. Swiddleston is actually a music video
We’ve written a pretty comprehensive breakdown of this whole Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston romance here, and it’s safe to say we’re a teeny bit cynical. Taylor isn’t usually quite so private with her love life on social media (RIP, Calvin Harris anniversary locket), so why the radio silence when it comes to Hiddleston?

One theory is that the whole thing is a seriously immersive piece of performance art, and all we’re going to get out of it is a music video based on how A-list relationships are treated by the media. You know, like when Joaquin Phoenix pretended to be a rapper for a while and we all believed him. The video could drop just in time for Taylor’s new album, which is due around now, and for Tom’s Emmy appearance, where he’s nominated for The Night Manager. Intriguing.   


Taylor and Tom out in Italy today!

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2. Tom’s vest proclaims his love of T. S. Eliot, not Taylor
That vest is a bad idea in any relationship (not even David Beckham could recover from this), but could the ‘T S’ in ‘I <3 T S’ really stand for poet T. S. Eliot? Tom has confessed his love of Eliot’s poem The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock. We have a few more questions about Taylor Swift's 4th July picture, too...


3. Taylor Swift IS the Little Mermaid
Think about it – this whole Swiddleston thing isn’t in character for either of them, so isn’t it entirely plausible that Tom’s intended beau and true love is actually swanning around with no voice and a fresh set of legs, pining for Tom while Taylor has her wicked way. 


4. This whole Kanye West feud is fake
Now Taylor, we’re gonna let you finish, but is this feud with Kanye West for real?! It all started when Kanye interrupted Tay’s winner’s speech at the 2009 MTV VMAs, but some say these frenemies planned the whole thing. That would explain how they briefly made up, before falling out again over Kanye’s Famous lyrics. Funny how news of this Hiddleswift relationship broke on the same weekend of that Kim Kardashian interview, where she claims she has it on tape that Taylor knew about the lyrics all along.


Awwww Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!! #KanTay2020 #BFFs

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5. That open letter to Apple? All planned
Now, we’re sure that Taylor Swift truly did want to stand up for the rights of musicians and demand fair royalties from Apple Music (Tay did previously take on Spotify and pull her entire back catalogue from their service), but rumour has it the whole thing was a publicity stunt, designed to make both Taylor and Apple look like great people. That open letter managed to change Apple’s policy pretty damn quickly, and the fact that Taylor has now appeared in three Apple Music adverts? Theorists are calling foul play.


Dance like no one's watching @applemusic @theactualdarkness

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6. Taylor Swift doesn’t have a belly button
So she likes high waists?! This just isn’t true.

7. She has a secret twin in Japan
Unfortunately this is about as likely as Poot Lovato. The actress in this Japanese McDonald’s advert bears a striking resemblance to TayTay, but as Taylor was 15 and busy becoming a country music star back in America, we doubt she had time to promote Japanese McDonalds.

Taylor Swift's style has come a long way since she was 15 years old...

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