Taylor Swift’s 12 Most Random (And Totally Fabulous) Celeb Stage Cameos

Taylor Swift’s 12 Most Random (And Totally Fabulous) Celeb Stage Cameos

Who isn't Taylor Swift pals with? Seemingly everyone - including Ricky Martin - if these surprising stage cameos are anything to go by...

Pick a year over the last 10 years and you’d probably have an argument for it being Taylor Swift’s year, but 2015 really does seem like the ultimate.

Though for gal solidarity we don’t like to bring it up – after a series of relationships, she seems to have found THE ONE in Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

And much more importantly, her fifth album 1989 has caused the most incredible hype. People have gone MAD for it. Bring awn even more awards and nominations to add to her collection.

The hype has translated into support – and not from the people who you’d necessarily expect it from. Yes, of course her mod squad - a.k.a best pals a.k.a cast of the Bad Blood video - joined her on stage, but there’s been other rather more surprising cameos.

We look back at the most random people Taylor Swift has got to join her on the stage – and the memorable performances that have ensued…

Idina Menzel

As if Idina wasn't enough of a surprise, Taylor dressed up in an Olaf the snowman costume! Costume. Goals.


Ricky Martin

Taylor introduced Ricky on to the stage in Florida in the best possible way, saying: 'I’m about to bring out somebody whose album I bought when I was 10', before performing Livin' La Vida Loca. We can't EVEN.



As if 90s star Ricky wasn't enough, Taylor brought on PITBULL to sing a duet of his Ne-Yo collab Give Me Everything... Proof Taylor's taking over the world?


Steve Tyler

Yep, they sung I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.


Wiz Khalifa

Taylor called him: 'One of the sweetest and most talented people [she'] ever met'.


Justin Timberlake




Yep, Mr J.T himself performed duets of his biggest singles.


Avril Lavigne

The queen of t-shirts with ties printed on + Taylor = TOO MUCH.


Fetty Wap

The rapper stopped Taylor from being able to 'find her chill'. We get that. 


Julia Roberts And Joan Baez

That duo would have done for our chill.


Chris Rock And Matt LeBlanc

We know, random huh. 



Mick Jagger

That actually happened.


And arguably the most random of the whole bunch... 

Lisa Kudrow (a.k.a Phoebe Buffay) and Taylor's rendition of Smelly Cat

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