Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Make A Massive Commitment

Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Make A Massive Commitment

The highest earning couple in the business are said to be pooling their resources to get a 'love nest'... Invite to the moving in party, guys?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have some big news. After circulating rumours over the last few days, it's been confirmed: the loved-up duo are moving in together.

Since they started dating February, everyone - not only ‘Swifties’ and their A-list gang - have been watching every step of their romance. And, thanks to Instagram, it’s been well-documented.

After all the recent snaps of the singer and the DJ looking loved up – on a boat on the Thames with celeb couple pals Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas, on a swan, by the beach – we weren’t surprised to hear this latest news.

‘They’ve already started house hunting’, a friend revealed to LOOK, ‘Taylor’s looking at places in both New York and LA, because she wants the perfect love nest.’

It is reported that the pair have agreed to move in together when Taylor comes back from her 1989 world tour - and it sounds like Calvin is pretty smitten. ‘Calvin’s been talking about Taylor for months actually, since not long after they met [...] They both have crazy lives but they have so much in common, he knows she’s the one,’ the source revealed. 

As far as house hunting is concerned, Calvin is letting Taylor take the lead as he trusts her taste and says ‘he’ll love whatever she chooses’. That must be going on her New York apartment and Rhode Island mansion. The use of the phrase ‘love nest’ aside; so far, so cute.

The source also told LOOK: ‘'They've been saying the L word for a while now [...] They’re both geeks at heart and he thinks he’s found his yin to his yang.’

They're not the only relationship steps they’ve ticked off pretty early on. The singer introduced the DJ to her parents when they were in London and Calvin's even posted pictures of Taylor's two cats, Meridith Grey and Olivia Benson when he was left in charge of them.

It does seem, to their A-list pals who seem thoroughly on board with the romance and to the world who can see it on Instagram, that Calvin and Taylor are having a great time together.

From that boat trip to their summer BBQs, celebrity status aside, they just seem to be two young adults in those fun early stages of a relationship. Except they can already think about buying a house…


How about you buy Gigi Hadid's dreamy New York apartment, Taylor?

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