A Cynic's Guide To #Swiddleston: We Break Down What Went On

A Cynic's Guide To #Swiddleston: We Break Down What Went On

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston seem to have ditched this romance thing…

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston: hands up who saw that one coming? No, didn’t think so, but it looks like this relationship has run its course - for real.

After THOSE beach photos (who wears brogues on the beach, really?), a lot happened in a very short space of time. To help you make sense of this unlikely celebrity relationship, we break down what happened – and when – with Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston (plus a recurring role from Calvin Harris). 

30th September: Are Taylor and Calvin talking again? After that high-profile split (and seemingly bad blood between the ex-couple), we wouldn't have been surprised if Taylor and Calvin were keeping a distance from each other. But according to sources, they're still in casual contact over text. Interesting...

18th September: Speaking to People at the 2016 Emmy Awards, Tom says that he and Taylor are still friends post-split, while rumours swirl that he's interested in his presenting partner, Priyanka Chopra.

7th September: Ah! It looks like there's a reason things have been so quiet on the Hiddleswift front... they've only gone and broken up. According to sources, Taylor was confused by Tom wanting to make the relationship so public, and wondered what his true intentions were. Three months of summer lovin', Hiddleswiftly over...   

25th August: We've been gone for a while, but welcome back to the ultimate Hiddleswift timeline. Things have been pretty low-key for the couple who acually managed to spend some time apart over the past month (with a few flying visits inbetween), but rumour has it Taylor and Tom had their first big bust-up. The cause of the argument? Not being able to spend enough time together, apparently. He's filming, she's, well, in Rhode Island, it's not unbelievable.   

23rd July: With things having gone a little quiet on the TayTo front, it was up to ex Calvin Harris to keep the drama ticking along. Celebrating Jennifer Lopez's birthday in Las Vegas, Calvin was pictured hanging out with J-Lo, French Montana and only the recent thorn in Taylor Swift's side, Kim Kardashian. Yep, it appears that camp Kimye and camp Calvin are showing a united front to everyone with a vested interest in the ongoing saga. 

17th July: Just when we thought the drama couldn't get any more real, Kim Kardashian takes it upon herself to post a video that appears to confirm that Taylor Swift did in fact pre-approve a controversial line from hubby Kanye West's song Famous ('I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous'). Back in February following the song's release, Kanye responded to the outcry condemning the lyric, claiming that Taylor knew about the line, and was happy for him to include it in the song - despite Taylor's representatives apparently saying the exact opposite. Taylor's people 'cautioned' Kanye, stating:

'Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single Famous on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous’.'

Hmm. Well, it looks as though Kanye DID make Taylor aware, and Kim K didn't want people hating on Yeez any more. See the below...

It didn't take long for team Taylor to respond. Taking to Instagram, Tay posted the below:


13th July: Calvin Harris takes to Twitter to have a bit of a bitch about Taylor revealing that she in fact co-wrote his smash hit This Is What You came For. In one of said tweets, Calvers makes reference to the alleged spat between Tay and ex-BFF Katy Perry. The internet goes haywire. The hashtag #TaylorSwiftPartyIsOver starts trending. K-Pez wades into the fray. All trés entertaining really.

11th July: Oh god, THAT totally awkward interview on Australia's Gold Coast. Tom sidelined by a reporter. 'Is Taylor Swift 'The One'?'. Tom bumbling around for answers. Just. Awful.

7th July 2016: Oh. They're in Australia now. Seriously, are they on some weird month-long first date?

6th July 2016: TayTo do all-navy-everything at LAX Airport

4th July 2016, but embargoed by Queen Taylor until 5th July: FINALLY! After all those candid paparazzi shots (suspicious that they all came from the same paparazzi agency, us? Never...) Taylor and Tom have made things Insta-official with a sweet (or kind of staged?) couple snap. We're talking Taylor draped all over Tom's lap, holding hands and looking longingly at each other. There's also Blake and Ryan failing to look at the camera and Tay's BFF Brit with her hubby, Ben. Considering the picture was first posted on Brit's page, it's not how we thought we'd see Hiddleswift make their Insta-debut - but it happened.  



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Pretty cool runnings

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Later on 4th July 2016: Tom was noticeably absent from THIS telling Instagram. Can we also question why this is the first post from Taylor in two weeks?! Normally she's not shy about sharing pictures of her loved-up larks on Instagram... In fact, we have 29 questions about Taylor Swift's 4th July picture 


Happy 4th from us ❤️

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4th July 2016: Remember last year when Taylor was all swan inflatables with Calvin Harris? Oh how things change... This year, TayTay and her celeb squad (Blake Lively, Ruby Rose, Karlie Kloss, HAIM, Gigi Hadid...) frolicked near Taylor's Rhode Island abode, and Tom Hiddleston was sporting some particularly, umm, confident attire. Picture a white vest top with 'I [Heart] TS' on it. Plus a felt-tip heart tattoo with the initial T on his upper arm. Oh wait, you don't have to picture it, because it happened, and you can see it below. The InStyle cynic wants so much to believe this relationship is real, but a) would be creeped out if Tom's behaviour was for real and b) really just thinks it's all a big publicity stunt.   


Taylor and Tom in the ocean in Watch Hill today! (7.3.16) #taylorswift #tomhiddleston

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29th June 2016: Squad member Ruby Rose is having her say on the Hiddleswift drama, calling us all out for speculating on Taylor getting with Tom so soon after Calvin. Even the InStyle cynic has time for what Ruby has to say (although she still has her questions about this 'relationship')


27th June 2016: TayTo are now in Rome! And she's making a case for the yellow sundress. Are these two surgically attached at the hand?


Taylor and Tom at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy today!

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26th June 2016: Taylor flew to England to go for dinner with Tom's mum, and even upped sticks for a day in the country - wax jacket, wellies and all. Tay and Tom even went for a romantic stroll along a Suffolk beach (this is becoming something of a signature for the pair…), which was conveniently captured on camera by the paparazzi.


Taylor, Tom, and his family in Suffolk, England today

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23rd June 2016: Hiddleswift are spotted smooching and hand-holding at dinner in Nashville.

22nd June 2016: Calvin Harris RE-follows Taylor Swift on social media, as well as his ex, Rita Ora – what does it all mean?! Is it just for headlines?! The InStyle cynic says – probably.

22nd June 2016: You know things are serious when you introduce him to the squad… Hiddleswift were spotted shaking it at Selena Gomez’s Revival tour. The InStyle cynic wonders if these very public outings are planned.


17th June 2016: Calvin Harris steps out in Yeezys. DRAMA. Is he supporting Taylor’s long-time frenemy Kanye West? Or does he just like the shoes?

16th June 2016: TayTo are pictured jumping into a private plane together. How swish!

16th June 2016: Calvin Harris says ‘it’s all good’ in reference to the burgeoning Swiddleston relationship.

15th June 2016: Calvin Harris exhibits classic post-split behaviour on social media and deletes all traces of Tay from his account. He even unfollowed her (gasp). 

14th June 2016: The Sun breaks exclusive pictures of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston getting cosy on some Rhode Island rocks. We’re talking holding hands, Tom’s jacket on Taylor’s shoulders, selfies and even #Swiddleston K I S S I N G.  

Now, let’s think about this one. Taylor Swift gets slut-shamed a lot for what is actually pretty normal dating behaviour, and that’s wrong. But we do have a couple of questions about Hiddleswift’s debut…

1. How did the paparazzi get so close, considering it’s private property?
2. How come Taylor and Tom managed to pack in all that cutesy couple behaviour (jacket sharing, hand holding, smooching) in one casual afternoon date?
3. Does Tom Hiddleston want a bigger presence in America so he can be Bond?
4. Did Taylor know that Kim Kardashian’s interview was coming out that weekend? (…yes)
5. Did she want to eclipse Calvin’s music video release for This Is What You Came For

(Questions courtesy of InStyle’s Swiddleston sceptic)


2nd June 2016: Calvin tweets to confirm the break-up, writing ‘The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect’. Taylor re-tweeted. How 2016.   

1st June 2016: Taylor and Calvin are rumoured to have split, but both parties keep quiet on the news. Is this why Taylor flew solo on the Met Gala red carpet?

2nd May 2016: Taylor and Tom are pictured getting down together at the Met Gala. Should we have taken their soundtrack, Crazy In Love, as a hint?! If you look closely, Tom does get quite handsy…


Oh, Taylor. If all this has put you in the mood to throwback to Taylor Swift's boyfriend history, be my guest...

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