29 Questions We Have About Taylor Swift’s 4th July Instagram

29 Questions We Have About Taylor Swift’s 4th July Instagram

In order of them coming into our heads...

We were getting a bit suspicious… ALL through Hiddleswift/Swiddleston/TayTo thing, there’s been zero Insta-activity from Taylor Swift OR Tom Hiddleton. Like nada. Obviously not from Tom — he’s an international man of mystery and only has a Twitter — but no smugstagrams from Taylor? Until now.

Taylor posted a picture of her ‘squad’ from her pic perfect Independence Day celebrations, and we’ve got some very important questions…

1. Where’s Tom Hiddleston?

2. Where’s Tom’s ‘I heart T.S’ vest?

3. Is Tom taking the picture?

4. If not, who is taking the picture?

5. Are they Tom’s legs on the left?

6. If not, whose legs are they?

7. Is that another hand to the right of the photo?

8. Whose hand is that?

9. Who organised the American flag onesies?

10. Why aren’t all of them wearing them?

11. What’s on that plate?

12. Why is there only one plate and so many people?

13. Who is Rachel Platten?

14. And who is her hairstylist? #Goals

15. Why is Blake Lively there?

16. What is Blake looking at?

17. Why is Blake the only one not flash ready? (So understandable.)

18. And where did Cara Delevingne come from?

19. How does Cara look so well after Glastonbury?

20. Where is Selena Gomez?

21. Where is Karlie Kloss?

22. Why have all of the males been banned from the picture?

23. Why is Taylor wearing red lipstick while everyone else is natch?

24. Could Harley Gusman and Ruby Rose give us any more #CoupleGoals?

25. Why has the Haim girl gone Francais on 4th July and why’s no-one given her something with stars on?

26. Why has Taylor not utilised the peace fingers Emoji in the caption?

27. Why did no-one else social anything from the weekend before Taylor?

28. How is it so perfectly timed to get the firework in the background?

29. Is Taylor masterminding this whole thing?

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