Taylor Momsen returns to Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen returns to Gossip Girl

Little Jenny Humphrey is back in New York looking more glam than ever

Love her or hate her, most Gossip Girl fans will be interested to hear that little Jenny Humphrey is back in town. The last we saw of Dan’s troublesome and precocious 17-year-old sister, she had boarded a train to ‘the country’ to finish her last year of high school away from the mean girls.

But our keen eyes have spotted actress Taylor Momsen on set of the latest season of Gossip Girl wearing a one-shoulder blue sequinned minidress by Emilio Pucci and lace-up boots. Perhaps the dress be from Madonna and daughter Lourdes’ fashion line, Material Girl (Momsen is the face of the range)?

Also joining the cast for this particular episode is New York society gal and business woman Ivanka Trump. The real-life Upper-Eastsider was looking poised and polished for her cameo in the show alongside her husband Jared Kushner.

The mogul later tweeted: “Jared & I had a ball on the set of Gossip Girl this AM. We appeared in a scene together! Tune in this Oct 25 & check out our ‘acting’ debut!”

We can’t wait until the new season of Gossip Girl hits our British screens later this year.


By Maria Milano

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