WATCH: Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard Talk Loincloth Problems

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Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie turn Agony Aunts for Joshington Hosts, helping him solve his loincloth issues and how he can unleash his wild side, just like Tarzan himself

Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie play the ultimate couple, Tarzan and Jane in the new reboot of the classic tale. So it’s not surprising that Joshington Hosts turned to them for some advice on love and loincloths.

If you have also been suffering from loincloth issues, then listen up, as Alexander gave the following handy piece of advice, ‘we have all been there… I had a mini sarong. It’s very comfortable. You get a nice breeze going (gestures to crotch area). It’s not great for vine swinging as everything is going everywhere but its very dynamic.’ Margot wasn’t so keen, ‘the image in my head then was horrible… no, sorry, lovely!’ It was only a matter of time until discussion turned to Alexander’s ‘majestic balls.’ Racy. Much?

Are you having issues landing yourself a date? Well maybe you need to deploy a mating call from the wild. Alexander suggested the hyena, whereas Margot went for a different option, ‘Jane was really attracted to the call from the rufus bottom toe beak (side note: totally not googeable so not sure if they were having us on!), that’s a sexy one. It gets Jane every time!’ However Alexander wasn’t able to perform the call on the spot but as Margot says, ‘it’s a good thing he’s not doing it for real as it would be too much for me (fans herself) and I might have to sit on my hands or something.’ Good job too, this is a family show, Margot.

Do you feel like you need to bring out your animal within? Margot has the perfect plan for you, ‘Tarzan and Jane went back to the Congo and it got pretty firey…so basically sit around a bonfire, have a drink, go back to your childhood home and reignate the flame.’ The idea was too much for Alexander, ‘mmm there’s really nothing sexier than your child hood home!’

Is your boyfriend constantly getting into fights with really hench guys on nights out and you need tips on how do I rein in a bad boy? Well here’s Margot to the rescue, ‘you can’t, you just don’t go on nights out with him and a little less of that brown stuff around the campfire.’

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