Happy Birthday, Tanya Burr! See Our Project 13 Best Beauty YouTuber Winner Behind The Scenes...

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She's the beauty vlogger with millions of subscribers, and some serious YouTube connections. Here's what happened when Tanya met InStyle

Tanya Burr

AWARD: Best Beauty YouTuber

For someone regarded as one of Generation YouTube’s queen bees, Tanya Burr is an unassuming sort. She seems to have kept the same Everywoman outlook from the days when she was working as a beauty-counter assistant and her now sister-in-law, Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo, suggested she start her own make-up themed YouTube channel. ‘Last Thursday I spoke at the UN,’ she says, shaking her head. ‘Would I ever have had the confidence to do that before? No way.’ With six years of vlogging under her belt, Tanya feels she has ‘grown up’ on YouTube. Earlier this year she married her long-term boyfriend and fellow YouTuber, Jim Chapman, and now likes looking back at old videos from when they first met, ‘where he’d just pop his head around the door when I was filming. It’s so sweet seeing that.’ 

Portraits By Rankin

Portrait by Rankin



AGE: 26 

PROVENANCE: Norwich, England 

ONE OF THE ORIGINALS: Tanya launched her YouTube empire in 2009, and was one of the first beauty bloggers on the online scene. After a crash make-up course and landing a job at a beauty counter in Jarrold’s department store in Norwich, Tanya turned her talented hand to YouTube tutorials, recreating the looks of Blake Lively, Ashley Olsen and Megan Fox.

ADDING UP: Tanya’s popularity started to skyrocket, and before long she was raking in hundreds of thousands of views per video. Tanya also started filming hauls, favourites and introduced husband Jim (more on him later) to her channel, which now boasts over 3.4 million subscribers.

TO MARKET: Desperate to get their look of their vlog idol, subscribers couldn’t get hold of Tanya’s cosmetics collection quick enough when it launched in 2014, causing the longest wait-list feelunique.com had ever seen. Starting out with lips and nails, Tanya has since added lashes to her empire, and released a best-selling book, Love Tanya. Did we mention she’s a great baker, with another book on the way (Tanya Bakes), too? Make-up pro, author, vlog star and cupcake queen, is there anything this girl can’t do?!

DYNASTY: Tanya was inspired to start her channel by fellow YouTube legends Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo and Real Techniques Make Up Brushes – she’s also engaged to their younger brother Jim Chapman, who has 2.5 million YouTube subscribers himself - the vlogging power couple have been together for eight years, and set to marry sharpish.


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