TalkBeckyTalk: Best Beauty Collaboration of 2015

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This is Becky Sheeran, aka TalkBeckyTalk, like you've never seen her before. Take a look at her transformation for InStyle's Project 13


AWARD: Best Beauty Collaboration of 2015

There’s a collective gasp on the shoot when images of Becky start popping up on the studio monitor. Out of nowhere, she’s morphed from the chatty girl-next-door who arrived in the morning wearing a skater skirt into a total rock star. ‘I can’t actually believe it,’ she says when she sees the pictures for herself, then has a little cry. With likeable T4 presenter friendliness and a ready sense of humour, it’s easy to see why Becky’s YouTube channel, Talk Becky Talk, has become a popular online style hub. She’s also proved she’s catnip for big beauty brands such as Garnier, which collaborated with her this year on a slick ‘A Day In My Life’ video. ‘I still remember getting the first subscriber who wasn’t my mum,’ she says. ‘I was like: “There are real people out there who don’t know me and want to watch this!”’ 

Portraits By Rankin

Portrait by Rankin


AGE: 27 

PROVENANCE: Nottingham 

TV TO WWW: Becky started her career as a TV presenter in her hometown, giving her a taste of being in front of the camera. It looks like all that presenting practice paid off, as Becky now boasts over 150k subscribers to her fashion and beauty videos. All those hauls are giving us serious shopping inspo, too. Becky splits her time between filming for her thousands of YouTube fans, and fronting Notts TV, being nominated for the Best New Talent Award at the Royal Television Society Awards.

COOKING AND CONTOURING: Becky was inspired to start her channel by friends at uni who had their own vlogs, but although she’s loved beauty since she was a little girl, TalkBeckyTalk actually started out as a cooking channel. Becky switched to fashion and beauty blogging after she discovered cooking on camera was harder than it seemed, but does want to get back to online baking sometime soon. We'd be keen for those recipes! 

BEAT THE BULLIES: As well as posting advice on how to deal with anxiety, heartbreak and grief, Becky is a hugely supportive advocate for Beat Bullying, a charity that helps inspire and build confidence in young teens, especially in response to online bullying. Now's that's a cause we can support. 

IN THE FAMILY: Becky is great friends with fellow vlogstar Fleur De Force, and has filmed videos with the likes of Lily Pebbles, Amelia Liana and GlamLifeGuru. Her sister, Holly Sheeran aka Twinkle Lashes, is also a YouTube sensation; nearly 40k subscribers tune in to Holly's beauty hauls, workout routines and favourites videos. After a hugely popular Mum tag, Becky's Mum even started up her own YouTube channel! You can catch her hauls and beauty routines at Growing Old Disgracefully - now that’s a family affair.

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