7 Reasons Why Susan Sarandon Is A Complete #LifeGoals Badass

7 Reasons Why Susan Sarandon Is A Complete #LifeGoals Badass

Susan Sarandon. You are my spirit animal.

Can I just start by saying that I'm in absolute awe of Susan Sarandon.


And that, my friends, is a very, very strong word coming from me...

My appreciation for Susan came when, at the tender age of fifteen, I had to write an essay on Thelma & Louise for my media studies class — I know, quite a heavy going flick for a school project, but this was the '90s — and I remember watching and thinking that both Susan and co-star Geena Davis were the grittiest and most badass pair of female leads I'd ever seen in my short teenage life. Ultimately, the film's message impressed itself upon me for years afterwards - put faith in your girlfriends, and don't let any guy treat you bad. If you do, Louise (Susan) has a message for you:

'You get what you settle for.'


Well, it's been 25 years since the release of Thelma & Louise, and Susan Sarandon is still keeping it real. She's been out-and-about in Cannes looking fab, buddying up with the equally awesome Naomi Watts (taking selfies, quaffing champers, the works), and posting snaps with old gal pal Geena Davis (I cannot even explain the weird squeal I omitted after seeing that pic... think small terrier).


So, to celebrate the marvel that is Susan Sarandon (she'll be turning 70 this year), I've rounded up the 7 ways in which she inspires, and continues to inspire me. As a woman approaching her forties (like Susan, I do not feel, act, or look anything near my age), I couldn't be happier to have Susan as #LifeGoals role model. See below...

1. She speaks her mind

Susan has never been a lady to mince her words, and I absolutely applaud her for that. In Cannes recently she even went to far as to address the tricky situation surrounding Woody Allen and the sexual abuse allegations brought against him by his daughter Dylan - an argument that both the A-list and the world media are famously nervous about entering into, or express any kind of opinion about. That takes courage, and I'm down with that.

2. She dresses like a boss

Susan has never bowed down to 'dressing for her age' and I love the fact that she's still owning red carpets left right and centre. Speaking as someone that continues to rock a spandex catsuit at Glastonbury (despite the continued disapproving glances from my mother), I'm into Susan's 'don't give a s***' style attitude. That Cannes outfit? Ridiculously hot.


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3. She's trying to change the world for the better

Susan is a well-known activist and spokesperson for a number of charities, and has been given countless accolades and awards in recognition of her work. She's been an FAO Goodwill Ambassador, and received the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award in 2006. Most recently she has fronted the 'Call Your Mother' tee campaign in support of charity Hope North, a non-profit organisation that helps the young victims of Uganda's civil war. She inspires me to do something nice for the everyday, even if it's just smiling at someone on the bus.

4. She's still one of the girls

Susan gives me hope that I'll always have time to hang with my besties, no matter what life throws at me. I hope to be swigging warm Prosecco on a park bench with the BFF when I'm well into my '70s (because someone needs to show them kids some class).


One is never enough. #lipstickbath #lorealcannes2016

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5. She's a proud veggie

And I get the feeling that Sue can be a bit of a dab-hand in the old cooking department. She's pretty much perfect.

6. The Witches of Eastwick

Ugh, I can't even begin to tell you how rad Susan is in that movie (#StyleGoals) - plus Cher AND Michelle Pfeiffer?! The dream.

7. The fellas

Susan has been linked to some pretty amazing guys over the years, and to be honest, until their spilt I used to think her and ex-partner Tim Robbins were Hollywood's greatest couple ever (I'm still not over it). But the one that gets me? Apparently Susan had an affair with David Bowie back in the '80s. As a massive Bowie fan, this information just blows my tiny mind. But lets face it, Susan marches to the sound of her own drum. The men are just part of her grand story. All hail Susan Sarandon. May you continue to be awesome.

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