Teen Gets Kylie's Lip Kit Tattooed On His Arm: How Far Would You Go For Your Fave Celeb?

Teen Gets Kylie's Lip Kit Tattooed On His Arm: How Far Would You Go For Your Fave Celeb?

As far as these folks?

How much do you love Kylie Jenner? No really, how much do you LOVE her?

Enough to get the swatches from her newest lip kit tattoed on your arm? Oh you titter, but that's precisely what superfan Johnny Cyrus did. For reals.


Johnny is Kylie Jenner's BIGGEST fan, and has three tattoos celebrating the relaity star's awesomeness. The latest lip kit inking is actually his second (SECOND?!) Kylie Jenner Cosmetics piece - he has the dripping lip logo on his upper arm.

'I love the colors so much I needed them on my body,' Johnny told BuzzFeed. 'I wanted the swatches tattooed since the first three shades came out but it was how was I gonna do it.'

Wowsers, now THAT is dedication. But Johnny isn't alone. Check out some of these fans that would do absolutely ANYTHING for their idol...

The Drake superfan

Back in 2011, a Drake superfan got the rapper's name tattooed on her forehead and the resulting picture went viral. Bonkers viral. People were horrified, artists were calling out the tattooist for inking her, Drake got personally involved. It really was quite a baffling yet fascinating thing.

The fact remains that THAT tattoo is for life. Crikey. 

The make-up artist that wants to BE Kim K

Kim Kardashian's style is pretty iconic and her followers go to great lengths to mimic her - so much so that superfan Jordan James Parke has spent over £100,000 in surgery and designer clothes to look exactly like his idol. That's some serious love right there.




Kesha's tooth fairy

One dedicated Kesha fan decided to share something of himself with her - he sent her a tooth. That's right, an actual human tooth. Before you write this off as being COMPLETELY weird and creepy, it seems that Kesha was actually quite enamoured with the gesture tweeting:

'Somebody sent me their tooth, which I now wear as an earring.'

'It's a molar, I think. I love it when people send me body parts.'


J.Lo's booty double

Come on, we've all coveted Jennifer Lopez's famous derrière from afar right? Well, superfan and personal trainer Michelle Falsetta took matters into her own hands in her quest to have a butt more like J.Lo's by having $7,000 worth of surgery to make her behind exactly like hers. Bilmey.

Taylor Swift's scribble

Tay-Tay superfan Alanna Anuszewski used a backstage opportunity to grab a sample of the singer's handwriting - to then get tattooed on her body. Alanna asked for Taylor to write out the lyrics for 'Clean', her favorite track off of 1989, to put on her ribcage. Cute.


Lena Dunham's words of wisdom

Girls fan Tina Wargo loved the series so much she wanted some Lena-spiration for life. She tweeted out the request for Lena to write the quote 'all adventurous women do' in her own handwriting with the aim of getting the star's handwriting tattooed on her person. Lena (like a boss) responded, and Tanya has that scrap of her idol immortalised forever. It's quite sweet no?



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