Beyoncé’s Badass Drummers + 13 Reasons The Super Bowl 2016 Was The Best EVER

Beyoncé’s Badass Drummers + 13 Reasons The Super Bowl 2016 Was The Best EVER

Catch up on everything you (almost certainly) missed last night…

For us Brits, the Super Bowl hype is a bit of a mystery. Hearing about the celebs who will be playing at the half-time show is pretty much the extent of it, until the actual evening when the odd group of pals will decide to stay up all night and watch it, only to turn up at work exhausted on Monday morning.

But every year, we look back at the all-American spectacular and get pretty severe #FOMO - this year, more than ever.

With Beyoncé and Coldplay taking to the half-time stage (and the Denver Broncos thrashing the Carolina Panthers for anyone interested in the actual game), we recap the very best moments from the Super Bowl 2016…

1) Beyoncé’s badass all-female drum line was SO FIERCE. #SquadGoals.

2) That puppymonkeybaby ad everyone’s talking about. It’s pretty petrifying.

3) Gaga’s red sequined Gucci suit was a REAL show-stopper...

And with that sassy red glitter EYE!

Here she is singing the American national anthem...

4) The A-List Child Supporters -  Apple (who came along with mum Gwyneth Paltrow to support Chris Martin) and Blue Ivy (who was with Jay-Z supporting her Ma) were papped wearing the cutest little bombers (very SS16) and holding hands! We can't even.

5) David Beckham's excited picture en route to the Super Bowl (and Brooklyn Beckhams whatevs attitude to David getting him tickets). It’s not COOL to be ungrateful, Brooklyn.


6) Kate Hudson’s family photo from the pitch, with her (pretty dreamy) bro.

7) Coldplay's MEGA half-time performance...

Check. It. Out.

And Chris Martin's tie-dye jacket.

8) Beyoncé’s heart-stopping near fall...

9) The celeb celebrations. They looked FUN. Oh how we wish we cared who won!

10) Alessandra Ambrosio's - erm - dedicated look...

11) Bey’s performance costume – very Destiny’s Child circa 2001. We love it. And so did Jay-Z.

12) The most Instagrammable moment? ‘Believe in love’ being spelled out in the stands – papped by Brooklyn Beckham, Gwynnie (and zillions of other people).

13) Alicia Keys’ family day out. Cute.

One final thing? Ok, we admit this didn't actually happen at the Super Bowl, but have you SEEN James Corden and Cindy Crawford's spoof Pepsi ad?! The duo recreated Cindy's iconic original - shown at the Super Bowl in 1992 - for Corden's Late Late show. And it's pretty funny.

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