Steven Spielberg takes War Horse to Paris

Steven Spielberg takes War Horse to Paris

War Horse director Steven Spielberg hit Paris and revealed Kate Middleton shed a tear at the London premiere!

Anyone who’s seen the well-loved play will know that War Horse can pull at the heartstrings, and it would seem that Steven Spielberg has successfully transferred that sentiment to film, as the director revealed that Kate Middleton had damp eyes at the London premiere.


Hitting the French capital for the Paris premiere of the equine epic, Steven was all smiles on the red carpet.

But having admitted that he too had cried at the stage production, Steven went onto reveal that he suspected Kate had shed a few tears at the London premiere on Sunday night, saying: “I was sitting next to her and all I know is at one point my wife, who was sitting to my right, right in front of my face she passed a Kleenex… I saw the Kleenex go across my face, arrive and stop but I didn’t want to intrude on her experience watching War Horse so I never glanced over.”


Before adding: “According to my peripheral vision her eyes were dabbed.”

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