Remember Serial? We thought that was a big deal, but the Making A Murderer phenomenon was a WHOLE different thing when it hit Netflix back in January.

Since the series, which documented the cases of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, who were jailed back in 2007 for the murder of Teresa Halbach, conversations about it have petered out from approximately 58 a week to maybe one or two – and only when a new piece of information about the case or programme is released. 

(Oh, spoiler alert! Really though, if you haven’t watched it now it’s your own fault.)

During the hype, when people were approximately 5-7 episodes into the ten, it was the unlikely crush on Steven’s defence lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting that was getting the Internet excited. But, since everyone finished it, it's been the updates from their cases and alternative theories of who killed Teresa — and there have been LOADS — that have had people hooked.

Those who don’t believe Steven is guilty were happy about the news of a new lawyer — Chicago-based Kathleen Zellner — over the case. Not only is she sure there were mistakes made in Steven's case but she’s very active on Twitter (which you should follow for updates) and appears to be getting pretty excited by recent developments....

How long will the witnesses who lied at trial be protected by those who know the truth? #MakingAMurderer #TruthMatters #GrowAConscience

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) February 27, 2016

Now, there's a whole host of new information about the case and we'll keep you updated on it all, right here...

The latest is Steven Avery will be out in 'months', if Curtis Busse, of the Steven Avery Project, is anything to go by. He said attorney Kathleen Zellner is confident he'll get out and maybe even without a new trial. 

Busse said in an interview on WIBX 950AM: 'We're not even looking for a new trial. We're actually looking for an exoneration.

'Zellner's very confident, and Steven is also very confident that it's not gonna take that much time. And we're talking months here.'

When asked what this was based on, he said: 'Phone records, DNA, there's alibis there that weren't proven the first time that Zellner is taking to the next level and gone the extra mile to prove. They're going to show that the blood [in victim Teresa Halbach's car] and the age of the blood, it's not going to match up between the two.'

Not only this but Zellner has said she's even identified other people who she thinks committed the crime and framed Steven. Speaking to Newsweek, she said: 'We have a couple. I'd say there is one leading the pack by a lot.

'But I don't want to scare him off, I don't want him to run. '

In arguably the biggest piece of news in the roller coaster that has been Avery's trial is this — Teresa Halbach's bones might not actually be hers.

Research, done by Stop Wrongful Convictions campaigner Lynne Blanchard, shows people are taking for granted that the bones found on the Avery property are Teresa's.

Blanchard wrote in a blog post: 'Obviously it appears to be very incriminating, but what is going on with this evidence? […] Why weren’t protocols followed? No coroner, forensic anthropologist, arson investigator or photographer was called to the scene when the evidence was discovered. They had all of these high paid experts at their disposal and didn’t call on them until after the evidence had been shoveled up and taken to the sheriff’s office.'

She continued: 'The DNA evidence described above is not conclusive,” she continues. “How is it even possible for tissue to survive a fire that disintegrated 60% of the bone mass? The teeth which are commonly used to identify a body because they outlast bone didn’t even survive the fire.'

The lab analyst Sherry Culhane, who we saw in Making A Murderer, told the court a partial profile was retrieved from the remains in the fire pit and that 7/16 matched Teresa's profile.

It's just one of many things that throw doubt over the evidence and the case as a whole...

Kathleen Zellner also revealed she'd found him an 'airtight alibi'. In evidence, which some are comparing to Serial, SA & TH mobile phone tower records show that Teresa Halbach DID in fact leave the Avery property while Avery stayed there.

It's possible Avery left the property but left his phone at home, but it does seem to prove Teresa left — and 100% it makes the already-confusing case even more so.

Cellphone tower records of SA & TH provide airtight alibi for him. She left property he didn't. #MakingAMurderer #UnmakingAMurderer

— Kathleen Zellner (@ZellnerLaw) March 6, 2016

In another recent development, Teresa Halbach's death certificate has now been released, obtained by the Freedom Of Information request — and people are finding it a bit suspicious. According to the certificate, a body wasn't found but an autopsy was performed. The cause of death was listed as 'undetermined' and then crossed out, with 'homicide' ticked as the manner of death. 

The date makes things even more weird. It's noted as 10th November which is only a day after the coroner received Teresa's bone fragments and a full two months BEFORE they were positively identified as hers. Though that bit of information hadn't been confirmed, the certificate is still signed off by the coroner on December 5th. (Noticed by the clever people over at Uproxx.)

In other massive MAM news, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, the makers of the 10-part series, have confirmed they’re hoping to film a second series as Steven continues to try and prove his innocence, with Kathleen’s help.

At the Stranger Than Fiction panel in New York, Laura Ricciardi told Variety: 'From our perspective this story is obviously not over. It’s real life and (Avery’s and Brendan Dassey’s) cases are both still pending'.

There's also talk of a film in which Billy Bob Thornton will play Steven!

AND there’s plans for a march to protest Steven’s innocence in London… Watch this space.