Sprinkle Of Glitter: Best High-Street Fashion YouTuber

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Louise Pentland wanted more out of life than answering the phone, and so began Sprinkle of Glitter. 2 million subscribers later, she's won our Best High-Street Fashion YouTuber award

Sprinkle Of Glitter

AWARD: Best High-Street Fashion YouTuber

‘The first four videos are not fit for public eyes,’ laughs Louise Pentland about her original 2010 YouTube material. ‘It’s a rare person who switches on the camera and is perfect from the word go.’ The first thing you notice about Louise is her pink-dipped blonde hair, which matches the decor of the unapologetically girlie bedroom she vlogs from. Beyond her penchant for pink is a knack for putting together affordable style videos, which has won her over two million subscribers. Getting recognised by fans has taken some getting used to. ‘I went to a vlogging convention and girls were stopping me on my way to the loo,’ she says. ‘It was nice, but strange – it made me shake a bit afterwards.’

Portraits By Rankin

Portrait by Rankin


AGE: 30

PROVENANCE: Northampton

FROM OFFICE TO ONLINE: Sprinkle of Glitter was started by the fabulous Louise Pentland in 2010, who wanted more out of a career than “answering the phone and opening the door”. Bored of office work, Louise began to film her latest fashion and beauty buys, as well as updating viewers on her life – that includes the super cute Baby Glitter, born in 2011. While on maternity leave, Louise decided to ditch the desk job and concentrate on making videos, as her make-up knowledge and warm, welcoming videos saw subscribers creep into the millions.

CRAFTY: Before YouTube, Louise actually set up a craft and interiors blog full of DIY ideas. She shared paper projects and Instagram collages that don’t get made on your iPhone. If you’re a crafter, you’ll appreciate her addiction to Pinterest, too.

THE BOOK CLUB: Louise’s first best-selling book, Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter, touched on beauty, crafting, life and love, and includes a sneaky reference to a not-so-nice English teacher. For 2016, get set for Glitter Diary 2016: How to Have the Best Year of Your Life: a diary full of recipes, challenges, advice and motivation to do as the title says and have your best year yet.

ONE FOR ALL: There’s no doubting this lady loves fashion and beauty, but Louise’s greatest achievement is that she has been able to help people through her videos. Speaking on self-harm, confidence and politics, Louise wants to help her Sprinklerinos through whatever hard times they might face.

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