Spencer Matthews: Nice Bloke Or The Ultimate Arsehole?

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Watch the former Made In Chelsea star talk women, steroids and being an arsehole...

Spencer Matthews couldn’t look less like his villainous lothario character today, bounding out of his smart London apartment wearing a huge grin and stockbroker-on-a-Sunday casuals. ‘I got all togged up for you!’ he says bashfully of his expensive jeans, Boggi suede loafers and Patek Philippe watch.

He ushers me upstairs for a nose around his pad, which is more comfy private members’ bar than womaniser’s lair, with muted grey walls, expensive art and framed shots of the Matthews family looking glossily beautiful in St Barts (his brother James is set to wed Pippa Middleton). The only nod to his all-back-to-mine lifestyle is the guitar and saxophone mounted on the wall. ‘Right, shall we do this?’ he says, heading for the pillarbox-red Ferrari California T gleaming in the London sunshine (FYI – yours for £150k).


‘Wow, it’s like a spaceship, isn’t it?’ he declares of the dashboard as we speed to Mayfair. This car really goes. But it’s plush and sturdy, and takes corners like a boss. And the finish is, predictably, immaculate. We head off to see his best friend and ex co-star Hugo Taylor.




How’s he finding the Fezza? ‘I love it, it handles really well. Listen to the noise!’ he revs the engine hard enough to attract several stares, including that of a paparazzo who starts snapping. ‘Oh bloody hell, we’ve been papped,’ he chuckles. His interactions with the media haven’t all been so easy. His stint on I’m A Celebrity… last year ended abruptly when he was found taking steroids. ‘I had a boxing match coming up, got some bad advice and took some pills. It was a three-week course – I never had any sort of addiction. I’ve always thought people who take steroids are ridiculous,’ he shrugs ruefully. ‘But I took responsibility for it.’



Outside Hugo’s offices, a rangy figure in shades comes sauntering down. ‘Hi Taylor, happy birthday,’ says Spencer, passing Hugo a Smythson bag. Hugo tells us about the post-festival vitamin drips he and girlfriend Millie have been hooked up to. ‘Mate seriously,’ he tells Spencer. ‘ Glastonbury. Insane. You’re  coming next year.’ We leave Hugo to his recovery and head for the Kings Road, or ‘the KR’ as Spencer affectionately calls it. What’s the biggest misconception about him? ‘That I’m not a very nice person. I was purposefully a bit of a dick on the show to make it more interesting. The truth is I’ve never cheated on anyone outside of Made In Chelsea.’ But the cheating was real, though? ‘Well, yeah. I guess I became too involved with the character.’


Does he regret Made In Chelsea? ‘Part of me does, because of the way people perceive me,’ he says. ‘I’m just a normal bloke really.’ Eton. St Barts. A girlfriend who looks like a model. Normal may be stretching it. But the ideal companion for a trip in a Ferrari? Totes.

Spencer’s Life On Wheels

1. First Car?

‘I always just drove my dad’s cars –  I loved an Audi RS4. I used to drive. They’re a fab bit of engineering.’

2. What do you drive?

‘I don’t actually have a car, parking is too much of  a nightmare in London. I used to have a Caterham which is like an oversized go -cart. They’re brilliant.’

3. Dream car?

‘This Ferrari! Just wish I could afford the bloody thing.’

The California T starts from £150,000. For details, visit Ferrari.com

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