WATCH: Sophie Turner's X-Men Boot Camp

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Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark takes our Joshington Hosts to X-Men boot camp. Here are the 5 steps to become an X-Men…

STEP 1: You Have To Have A Costume #OBVS

Take inspiration from Joshington and Sophie’s stunning/ budget (delete as appropriate) capes and eye masks. Josh, however, wishes he has a super hero outfits that make you look hench, or as Sophie says, ‘a muscle suit built in. I didn’t have one of them but the boys did because they are skinnier than me.’ Top tip: find a cape with flying power. IF you can.

STEP 2: Train Like A Superhero

Are you ready for some serious press-ups? Not girly ones! Joshington wasn’t quite up to Sophie’s pace after she trained, ‘up to three months beforehand (prior to filming X-Men) and then during.’ This girl is like a machine!

STEP 3: Fight Like A Superhero

Start off by sketching out the competition, ‘it’s all about the limbs going everywhere,’ so the bad guys are confused about what direction you are going in. However if that’s not for you, take a tip from Sophie’s character, Jean Grey, who is telepathic- so it’s all about the smize. Go forth and do Tyra Banks proud people! According to Sophie’s insane sills she was able to tell exactly what Josh was thinking, ‘Sophie is so fit and the best superhero to grace the marvel universe.’ Truly, a stunning talent.

STEP 4: Pose Like A Superhero

Once you have your superhero name sorted you need a pose to match. The generic hands on hip move loved by Superman just won’t cut it. You need to put your arm behind your head and use the other spare hand to grab your crotch- stunning and subtle in equal measures.


STEP 5: Find Your Power

Being invisible is the basic bitch of the superhero world. Instead use the power of seduction, its timeless and handy when out on the town on any given Saturday night. Boys beware…

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Hi. Hi. [INAUDIBLE] Hi Joshington [INAUDIBLE]. Hi and she's going to train me in X-men combat. Are we ready? We're ready. To get X-rated. [MUSIC] Step 1. What do we need to do? Well step number 1, to become a superhero you need a costume. Luckily for you, hold the line. My God. So let's put yours on. Okay. I'll do this for you. This is just like in my pretty woman [INAUDIBLE] nice necklace on. But way more masculine. I kind of wished I kind of have one of those superhero outfits that made you more hench. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, the ones where you have muscle suits built-in? Yeah. Yeah, I didn't have one of them but all the boys did cuz they were skinnier than me. [LAUGH] Costume ready. [INAUDIBLE] King. You're looking fantastic. A little spin. Yeah, definitely. Wait let's have a run so that hopefully our capes fly. Okay go. [MUSIC] Step 2. We need to train like superheros. We need to train. So let' do some push ups. I'm not good at push ups how many are we gonna do? Okay. We're gonna do ten. Ten? Are you, are we gonna do girly press-ups? Or like masculine press-ups? No masculine press-ups. My God. Ready? Okay. [SOUND] [NOISE] My god. I'm starting to feel like a proper Xmen. How long did you train for Xmen for? For eight months leading up to filming. You my god you're literally like a machine. Step 3. We have to fight. Like superhero. Okay, cool. So, what's like a good fight move do you feel? I mean, this is always like a good starter. Like this? Yeah. And then like, kinda like, you just need to get like the posing [UNKNOWN] you know. Yeah. So it's all about the pose. It;s all about limbs going everywhere, you know. So you're kind of like sketching people out without doing anything. Yeah you're just kinda like where you're gonna go? I'm gonna go here. I'll go over here. I did before you now it. You got me like a head lock. Yeah. Cuz then I'm like this and you're like wow. Bang. Bang. Exactly. Dead. But really I don't need that because I'm telepathic and telekinetic So I just. The skills okay. And that's all that happens. So basically you just need to get the look down, if you look to camera and give them a good. Give them an intense smile. Yeah smile exactly. Yeah Tyra would be proud right now. Tyra would be so proud of us. So can you use those techniques on me right now like what do you think I'm thinking? I don't get it. My god, I feel like you're raping my brain right now. I am. I am. I'm molesting your brain. You're thinking Sophie is so sick and she's just the best superhero ever, to ever grace the marble universe. [MUSIC] M, j. Step four. Step four is you have to pose like a superhero. You have to get the pose down and then you become an official superhero. What would my superhero name be? Why wouldn't it be Josh Grey, cuz I'm Jean Grey, and then we can be married. Yay. My god we are just so modern forward thinking, yeah we're great. Superheroes, so bearing that in mind. [LAUGH] What's our pose gonna be? Bearing that in mind, it shouldn't be the class, I feel like it should be more like. Wow. Step number [SOUND] 5. Okay so your super hero power is reading people's minds. Your superhero power judging from like the whole stance and everything I'm saying king seduction. Because you've got me baby you've seduced me. I've seduced you, I haven't even done anything major, not even a chat up line. You didn't have to try, that's why you're a superhero. Scene. [LAUGH] Love it. That was amazing. I love that.
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