STEP 1: You Have To Have A Costume #OBVS

Take inspiration from Joshington and Sophie’s stunning/ budget (delete as appropriate) capes and eye masks. Josh, however, wishes he has a super hero outfits that make you look hench, or as Sophie says, ‘a muscle suit built in. I didn’t have one of them but the boys did because they are skinnier than me.’ Top tip: find a cape with flying power. IF you can.

sophie turner, sansa stark, costume, x men, video

STEP 2: Train Like A Superhero

Are you ready for some serious press-ups? Not girly ones! Joshington wasn’t quite up to Sophie’s pace after she trained, ‘up to three months beforehand (prior to filming X-Men) and then during.’ This girl is like a machine!

STEP 3: Fight Like A Superhero

Start off by sketching out the competition, ‘it’s all about the limbs going everywhere,’ so the bad guys are confused about what direction you are going in. However if that’s not for you, take a tip from Sophie’s character, Jean Grey, who is telepathic- so it’s all about the smize. Go forth and do Tyra Banks proud people! According to Sophie’s insane sills she was able to tell exactly what Josh was thinking, ‘Sophie is so fit and the best superhero to grace the marvel universe.’ Truly, a stunning talent.

Sophie Turner, fight scene, game of thrones, x-men, costume

STEP 4: Pose Like A Superhero

Once you have your superhero name sorted you need a pose to match. The generic hands on hip move loved by Superman just won’t cut it. You need to put your arm behind your head and use the other spare hand to grab your crotch- stunning and subtle in equal measures.

sophie turner, superhero, pose, x-men

STEP 5: Find Your Power

Being invisible is the basic bitch of the superhero world. Instead use the power of seduction, its timeless and handy when out on the town on any given Saturday night. Boys beware…

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