WATCH: Sophie Turner Impersonates Kylie Jenner And Her EPIC Dance Routine

WATCH: Sophie Turner Impersonates Kylie Jenner And Her EPIC Dance Routine

Sophie Turner AKA Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark and now the high kicking super hero, Jean Gray in X-Men, is challenged by our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts to impersonate Kylie Jenner and reveal her EPIC signature dance move.

Our July cover star, Sophie Turner, is rapidly becoming our ultimate girl crush, she’s the lass we all want to be and the one we want to befriend for life. If it wasn’t enough that she morphed our Josh Newis-Smith into an actual X-Man, the actress returns to Joshington Hosts to complete a series of challenges in the aptly named, Clutch Challenge. Miss Turner had the grand total of two minutes to complete as many questions or challenges as possible. Sounds tense, doesn’t it?

Not only does the Marvel star reveal she has a secret crush on someone in the X-Men cast, Sophie reveals that her co-star, Jennifer Lawrence is ‘everything you want her to be and more.’ PRAISE BE THE LORD! However if she had to select two cast mates to save the world with it would be, ‘James McEvoy because he’s a ledge and Alex Shipp because she’s a boss ass bitch!’

After the weekend you may be seeking a new dance move with extra pulling power. Sophie has that sorted too as she reveals her signature dance routine. It’s a risky strategy but you will definitely be remembered. This lady has many considerable talents.

If that wasn’t enough juicy insight and you have found yourself wondering who Sansa Stark’s least favourite character is from Game of Thrones, Sophie dishes the dirt on that too. It’s Ramsay, for the record. He makes our sink crawl too Sansa, don’t you worry!

We are currently spending most of our time at the moment contemplating whether we are now team Brooklyn or team David. Clearly we couldn’t resist asking Sophie this as well and she sided with the majority of the InStyle office by picking the ultimate DILF, David Beckham. Great taste Sophie, great taste.

Make sure you watch the video above to see Sophie attempt an Oscars acceptance speech as well- she deserves an Academy Award for that alone. Sophie Turner is the gift that keeps on giving and long may she reign, Queen of the North and now Queen of the World (in our humble opinion)…

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