Sophie Dahl to teach us all to cook

Sophie Dahl to teach us all to cook
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Model and author Sophie Dahl is now going to become a TV chef on a new BBC Two cookery show. Watch your back Nigella…

As if being incredibly stunning, statuesque and a supremely successful model and author wasn't enough (grr), Sophie Dahl is now going to turn her talents to food via her own cooking show on BBC Two.

The divine one is going to be whipping up some tasty recipes on-screen for a new show being made by Jamie Oliver's Fresh One Productions.

Although it's clear our Soph doesn't do much pigging out on chips and burgers, that doesn't mean she's not passionate about what she eats. "For me, food is more than just fuel, it's a joy and an adventure," she told the BBC.

Our thoughts exactly after we've braved a vicious summer thunderstorm to get our Beef in Black Bean sauce from the local Chinese.

But we'll let Ms Dahl explain more about her show: "Cooking often serves as an emotional barometer and with this show we'll run the gamut - from a solo dinner that suits melancholy, to a homecoming feast for 20 - it's cooking with an anecdotal thread, irreverent, unpredictable and not without flaw."

The show is being filmed this summer and will transmit next year. But if you can't wait to get your chops around some of Sophie's food, she does have a cookbook out - Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights 

Just think, she might even make us start cooking instead of microwaving.

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