Sophie Dahl: the new Nigella Lawson?

Sophie Dahl: the new Nigella Lawson?

Sophie Dahl gets sexy and seductive on new BBC2 show

Sophie Dahl has obviously been getting inspiration from Nigella Lawson for her new cookery show, BBC2's six-part The Delicious Miss Dahl.

She seductively nibbles olives from the end of a coctkail stick, and licks her lips as she takes a sniff at a bottle of red wine.

She also takes a lot of pleasure from sampling a piece of her peanut butter fudge and, when describing buffalo mozzarella, she says: 'I actually sort of fantasise about this cheese.'

Hot stuff!

Sophie describes herself as 'a home cook learned at my grandmother's knee', ahead of the cookery programme, which starts tomorrow.

In the meantime, try out Sophie's peanut butter fudge recipe - and see what all the groans are about!

Sophie's Peanut Butter Fudge.

Melt 125g of butter.
Add 500g of soft dark brown sugar and 120ml milk. Mix well in the pan.
Turn off the heat.
Add 250g of chunky peanut butter and vanilla from pod.
Stir in 300g of icing sugar until the fudge is smooth and firm in texture
Spoon into a non-stick pan and leave to set.


By Ruth Doherty

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