Solange And Why She's Finally Broken Out From Under Her Sister's Shadow

Solange And Why She's Finally Broken Out From Under Her Sister's Shadow

Solange Knowles was known to many for that elevator scene. But now with a brilliant third album under her belt, she's now going to be recognised as a talent to match that of her sister Beyonce..

All hail the Knowles sisters! Two years after that elevator scene, Solange Knowles has finally stepped out of her sister’s shadow with the release of her new album, A Seat At The Table. The record, which has just topped the charts in the American Billboard charts, is Solange’s third full-length album and makes the insanely talented sisters only the third siblings to land number one albums, yet they are the first sisters to do so (Michael and Janet Jackson has multiple hit number ones whilst rap mogul Master P – who coincidentally worked with Solange on A Seat At The Table - had two number one albums whilst his brother Sillk the Shocker landed one.)

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What’s thrilling about both of their success is their differences; Solange isn’t trying to ape her sister’s act in anyway. Whilst Queen Bey is undoubtedly the superstar, Solange is the cooler, more alternative talent to her sister’s commercial success. Whilst they’re both undoubtedly fabulous, the younger Knowles is more underplayed than her big sis.

Beyonce is more bling whilst Solange prefers to colour-block and wear little or no make-up, her music is warm and soothing even if it’s lyrically challenging [A Seat At The Table is a journey of self-empowerment and a celebration of the black experience] compared to Beyonce’s, which feels like it’s always at the cutting edge, be that technically or vocally. Even Solange’s music videos  - co-produced by her and her super cool husband Alan Ferguson – are like brilliantly art-directed visual artworks in which she carefully poses and dances using miniscule movements; it’s all very subtle and unshowy (but so, so beautiful.)

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But one area that Beyonce and Solange remain united is in their unwavering support for each other: they are each other’s number one fans, which we love them more for. Their combined talent combined makes you wonder what would have happened if Tina and Matthew Knowles had had more kids. Blanket domination of the entertainment world? Without a doubt.

Solange, you're killing it.

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