Solange Knowles at New York Fashion Week

Solange Knowles in winter brights on the streets of NYC


Solange Knowles is officially our new girl crush, thanks to her flawless New York Fashion Week style.

As we continue to grow increasingly depressed at the grey February days, we are ever thankful to Beyoncé's little sis forstepping out in this eye-popping colour block ensemble. If anyone knows how to work winter brights, it's Solange.

Wearing tangerine, cobalt blue and candy pink heels isn't necessarily a combination we'd normally reach for in the morning, but now we've seen how good it can look, we'll definitely think twice.

Solange Knowles at New York Fashion Week

Oh, and if you've got an equally cool friend to set off your outfit like Solange's well-dressed pal, even better.

We're equally smitten with Solange's preppy blouse, sweater and pencil skirt combo. Where this outfit could run the risk of being a tad boring, Solange keeps it fresh with a subtle clashing prints and directional accessories.

New York Fashion Week has definitely found its street style star…

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By Olivia Marks