7 Reasons Why Solange Is The Sassy Little Sister We All Wish We Had

7 Reasons Why Solange Is The Sassy Little Sister We All Wish We Had

Solange = SLAY

Solange Knowles is everything. Musician. Songwriter. Influencer. Fashion icon. Sneaker collaborator. Label boss. Oh, and she happens to be Beyoncé's little sister...

A general lady badass in her own right, Solange is regularly slaying fashion events, Instagram posts and social media shut-downs, and let's not forget THAT Met Gala lift incident... Yeah, you don't want to be messin' with the Knowles sisters, right Jay Z *waggles finger*

So, to celebrate just how great Solange Knowles is, here are some of our favourite Solange moments and all the times she was the sassy little sister we all secretly wished we had...

1. THAT hair
Solange is a pioneer for natural afro hair, and has quite the bank of iconic hairstyle looks. Whether she's rocking a braid or a funky 'fro, Solange always brings a strong hair game.


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2. Her Instagram gives us all the #LifeGoals
Solange Knowles' Instagram is like, the most perfect coffee table book yet to be published. No, really. From exotic holiday snaps to loved-up hubby pics, Solange knows how to make things filter-fabulous.


3. Her Twitter shut downs
Solange isn't frightened to call out s*** on Twitter, and we think that's pretty awesome. Only recently Solange took to Twitter to express outrage at being treated badly at a Kraftwerk concert she attended with her husband and young son. Experiencing a racial backlash from trolls claiming she was 'playing the race card' following the tweet, Solange published an eloquently written essay on SaintHeron.com addressing the situation. And, it slays.


4. Her son is a style icon in the making
Ok, we all know that Solange's niece Blue Ivy is pretty darn adorable, but Solange's 11-year-old son Daniel Jules Smith Jr is one very handsome boy. And he's just as stylish as his mum.

5. The girl's style makes us feel like we're rubbish at fashion
Solange's style is ridiculously amazing, and we wish we had sister's borrowing rights on that wardrobe. Master of colour, pattern clashes and red carpet chicanery, Solange Knowles is fashion personified. How does she always make things look so bloody amazing? We'll probably never know. FYI, we're still not over the yellow affair she rocked at the 2016 Met Gala...


I wanna be the only Pokemon u try and find...

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7. Her dedication to music
Sure, Bey may have ALL the Grammy awards, but Solange has her own record label. Boom. Plus, 2012's Solange smash hit Losing You is still at the top of every summer playlist we've ever made... like, ever. 

Is Solange Knowles the greatest little sister we've never had? Yep, pretty much.


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