14 Times Socality Barbie Was The Most #Authentic Instagrammer Ever

14 Times Socality Barbie Was The Most #Authentic Instagrammer Ever

Socality Barbie might be hanging up her backpack, but we’re not ready to let go. Here are her greatest moments…

It’s official – Socality Barbie is no more. The hands behind our favourite #authentic Instagram account have decided to ditch the filters for good, leaving us with a massive, authentic hole in our newsfeed. To celebrate the social media sensation that is Socality Barbie, we’ve rounded up her greatest Instagram hits from the very beginning.

Coffee, camera, ready to explore! Hipster Barbie needs that caffeine to perk her up for an authentic day of exploring – succulent essential.

Always gram your coffee or it didn’t happen. So true, Barbie. Cappucino foam in the shape of a leaf never gets old.

It feels good to be lost in the right direction. Socality Barbie is all about exploring her local area and expanding her mind. A wrong turn is an adventure waiting to happen.  

Cuz freedom. A blurry action shot, cuz she’s too proud to stand still. Great hashtag action on this one. 

Road trip. The most important preparation for a long trip is putting together a flatlay of your outfit.

What consumes your mind, controls your life. Yep, that cloud of orange dust is pretty much all-consuming.


Humble and wise. Because nothing says humble like a picture that took 28 takes to get.


Could I be any more authentic? Don’t think so – standing on train tracks in our trilbies is how we authentically spend most of our days.

Cuz holding your ice cream up to a wall turns it into art. This was THE Instagram of the summer. That ice cream does look tasty, though.

Waking up at 10am was so worth it to get that perfect light and fog. What is authentic living if not pre-planning your Instagram posts?

Taking a bath and feeling so #blessed. Socality Barbie can’t go a minute without feeling blessed.

We took a break from technology this morning. Digital detox? Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Hey guys. The most authentic Instagram of them all – meet the woman behind Socality Barbie, Darby Cisneros.

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